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02-28-16 | Posted by

Amanda Gorecki, an advanced registered nurse practitioner and the founder of Healing Waters Spa (with locations in Witchita KS, Durham NC and Columbia SC) knows that to make a real difference, healing must take place on the inside first.

She founded the spas around these principles of healthy living and the healing powers of water. “It is our mission to be a place of sanctuary and retreat. It is a place of healing and restoration in every sense,” she says. “We aim for our clients to feel good about themselves, and project positivity to the world around them.” These same ideologies apply to her skin care line Pure MD® Skin Science.

Gorecki spoke to Beauty in the Bag about her spas, her skin care products and the way her patients inspired both.

Here’s what she had to say:


1. Describe the Healing Waters experience?

We opened Healing Waters because we wanted to create a place for people to make healthy changes so that they could live their best life. During my time as a nurse, I saw a lot of suffering, and I could see that it was often related to poor lifestyle choices and how people felt about themselves. I was touched by my patients and what they were going through, and wanted to make a difference.

Healing Waters encourages people to learn healthier ways to take care of themselves and reach their full potential and experience unlimited joy. Our staff is full of caring people, who are not only focused on making changes on the outside, but on the inside as well. They are passionate about building lasting relationships and inspiring a transformational change.

Our transformational principles, calm, balance, correct, and restore, are incorporated into every practice at Healing Waters. We strive to calm an anxious mind, balance daily life, correct bad habits, and restore positive living.

2.  Why did you start the PureMD line?

My experiences as a nurse were eye-opening, and left me with a strong desire to find a way to educate people on how to make better  lifestyle choices, and live healthier, happier, more fulfilling lives. I decided to develop Pure MD after hearing my clients loud and clear: they wanted skin care that produced results. I introduced the skin care line in 2007, with hopes that it would entice positive transformational change in people’s lives, helping them appreciate their inner beauty and wellness.

3. Tell us more about these products and what the do.

Pure MD offers a wide variety of products to address different skincare needs. During the research process, I found that the best results were achieved by combining the wonder of nature with the latest scientific advancements. Our products address everything from acne and rosacea to aging skin. We offer cleansers and toners, exfoliants, stem cell moisturizers, skin science boosters, masks, serums, creams and almost anything a skincare enthusiast could imagine. A few of my favorites are the Pomegranate Smart Scrub and the Youth Everlasting Moisturizer.  They’re powerful products that make a difference with my clients’ skin, and the results really speak for themselves.

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