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08-23-15 | Posted by

Alyssa Bohacs was having trouble finding a sensitive skin care line in the U.S., so she created one herself. She founded Leontine Skincare on the basis of meeting the needs of people who have experienced irritation with soaps, lotions, deodorants, detergents, and other skin hygiene products. All of her products are formulated and packaged in the U.S., they are created from the highest quality ingredients. Leontine Skincare combines nature’s finest botanical extracts with peptides, plant-derived essential fatty acids, organic essential oils, and vitamins. Her entire skin care line is designed as the best alternative for those with sensitive skin and is beneficial for all skin types.

Alyssa chatted with Beauty In The Bag about what she has developed and what it takes to achieve healthy glowing skin and how she does it.



 1. Why did you focus on creating a skincare line about sensitive skin?
There are so many great lines on the shelves today, but some don’t do what they say they do, some appeal to a certain customer but don’t deliver the results. We go the extra mile and then some, so the product speaks for itself. It is an enormous challenge to strip a cleanser, or a moisturizer of the potential irritants or find items that are safe and effective. We spend multiple hours developing the right formula; it’s a privilege to rack our brains for the cause!

2. In your opinion how important are the ingredients you have selected?
It’s the most important element of the process. Our extensive research includes a team of all ages representing all different combinations of skin types. That combined with scientific expertise gave us the effective results we were looking for. Everyone reacts differently to different ingredients, and although there is a long list of common irritants, not everyone’s skin will respond the same. We focus on only using the necessary ingredients, our ingredient deck is considered short by today’s standards. We’ve found that when it comes to achieving healthy skin, less is more.

3. How long does it take for the Leontine Skincare team to develop a product?
It takes us about 2 years, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. When we created the Anti-Aging Body Lotion, and we were in the testing phase, the process required revisions. The first trial was stunning! No one wanted to make any revisions, we all sat there in a reverie. It was exactly what we had hoped it would be. But, we broke the ice and decided we could make it better, so we made 2 more revisions. Our team is focused on delivering an excellent quality product that provides results. We are not in a rush to develop products quickly, we take our time.

4. What inspired you to create Leontine Skincare?
Oh boy, discontinued favorites, glass bottles breaking in the shower – so many stories! The idea started in 1985, there was a huge void of sensitive skin care products on the shelves. I realized I didn’t have many options for my extremely sensitive skin, just about everything irritated it, that was my driving factor. I had a wonderful bath gel imported from France; the packaging was just lovely – a glass bottle with a gorgeous label design. It got discontinued, so I ordered all I could get. I remember walking out of the store with a bag full of the goods when a lady bumped into me, and the glass bottles shattered. By the time I got to my car, Leontine was born.

5. What about men? Can they use Leontine Skincare?
Absolutely. This line is for everyone! When guys have sensitive skin, they don’t seek products for it, they live with it. I would love to see Leontine Skincare in the locker room! The Bath and Shower Gel is the best shaving gel! It has maximum cleansing power and the revitalizing scent is unisex. Anyone from sensitive to normal skin can use it.

6. What is next for Leontine Skincare?
The original business plan is still on my desk, we reference to it all of the time and make modifications accordingly, but our purpose is still the same. We are adding a body oil, deodorant, and towelettes to the body line. We are also incorporating 2 feminine fragrances and one masculine scent. And we have plans to expand into a sun care line, a teen line, and a detergent. We have BIG plans for Leontine Skincare!

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