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Dr. Alexes Hazen is a board certified Plastic surgeon and Director of the prestigious New York University Aesthetic Center. She also serves as an active Board Member of the AiRS Foundation, AiRS is a non-profit organization that helps women with reconstructive breast surgery after breast cancer.

She has researched developing 3D animation and surgical simulation to help educate both patients and residents regarding surgical procedures. Dr. Hazen has also done research focused on lipoaspirate. She developed an animal model to study lipoaspirate as well as an animal model to study radiation damage.

Dr. Hazen believes in the importance of having a sense of well-being and self-confidence, a philosophy that she imparts to her patients. She offers encouragement to women and to her breast cancer survivor patients. Ideally, you can heal and be cured of cancer and move on with your life. The process of breast reconstruction often makes that process easier. She has been well known for the open and engaging way that she connects with patients and walking them through sometimes an arduous journey from cancer diagnosis to reconstruction, and helping them feel at ease.

She also has been a vocal advocate for women’s health topics, having recently added a new system for vaginal revitalization, diVa by Sciton, to her treatment offerings. The treatment helps women by boosting their confidence with Hybrid Laser Technology to treat the vaginal tissue so that women can feel more like their younger, vital selves.

Dr. Hazen talked with Beauty in the Bag about the sweeping changes and vast improvements she has seen in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery , the biggest trends, and her own favorite ‘go-to’ aesthetic treatments.

1. How has breast plastic surgery changed over the past decade?
I think overall, plastic surgery has become more accessible to people, all people including both men and women, through media and a deeper understanding of what plastic surgery is and what it can do for you. Our procedures have become more and more refined and less invasive overall. Breast cancer reconstruction has become more accessible and more sought after mastectomy and lumpectomy. Reconstruction is tied very closely to a patient’s sense of well-being and self-confidence. AiRS Foundation is closely tied to this process as it helps women navigate the system to find a surgeon and get their questions answered.

2. As a plastic surgeon, what are the biggest trends you are seeing among your patients? (what are they asking for, don’t want, most concerned about. etc)
Overall people are most concerned about aging – all aspects of it – and what it does to their bodies. They want their skin and form to reflect how they feel. Also for a patient who have had massive weight loss – surgical options for weight loss are trending. People are also interested in fat transfer to all parts of the body!!

3. For someone who isn’t ready or doesn’t want surgery yet, what are your most recommended “go to” treatments for maintenance and anti-aging?

  • For skin, using prescription Retin A is a must! For patients who cannot tolerate prescription strength, retinol products are a good alternative.
  • For eliminating lines in the forehead, Botox is the best and most popular treatment I do.
  • For loss of volume and enhancing features in the face – dermal fillers are a great choice, especially Juvederm and Restylane, hyaluronic acid gel fillers.
  • For skin tightening, vaginal rejuvenation, and elimination of age spots the SCITON laser is awesome

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