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09-03-13 | Posted by

Putting together a  grooming regimen can be a tough gig for men, especially if they are faced with a sea of product choices. And unless you’re like Tim Gunn who pays attention to every ripple of his vest and tie, the idea of putting together the perfect regimen can be intimidating.

Luckily, we caught up with CJ Wilson, Major League Baseball pitcher for the Angels, to ask him about his grooming regimen as well as his upcoming nuptials with supermodel Lisalla Montenegro.

CJ Wilson could very well be what you would call a woman’s home run: good looking, charming, and supremely talented. His look is not terribly fussy—it’s a little on the organic and raw side, which is manly and put together at the same time. As a spokesperson for Head & Shoulders, Wilson is all over social media, and you can catch him on his new YouTube videos.

If you’re stuck in the rut as to what to do about men’s grooming, here are a few tips from CJ.

Shampoo and Shave at Night

CJ says that he prefers to do all his grooming at night, including shaving. That way “I wake up with a clean face.” He also appreciates natural products and the natural wave he has in his hair.

“The cycle of working out and getting sweaty and showering and going home is a different routine and different from a regular routine,” he says. Wilson shampoos his hair at night after a game because he wants to remove all the day’s grease, and that’s a good option if you have an early morning or need to dash out the door fast. Also, if you shampoo your hair at night, you won’t get any grease and sweat on the pillow.

Get a Portable Grooming Kit

CJ says that being constantly on the go (he plays some 162 games each year—half on home turf, half on the road). And so it’s important to have a grooming regimen that’s portable. Amenities at the clubhouses are “pretty bad in general,” Wilson says, so if you are headed to the gym or traveling, he advises that you take your grooming products on the go.

Don’t Overdo It

Although the era of men getting manicures and pedicures is upon is, many men don’t want to look too pretty—understandably. Wilson says, “I prefer the rugged look…there’s a stigma for guys when you’re overdone but I don’t mind long hair: there are a lot of friends I had growing up who were musicians and they had flowing hair.”

As with many men, Wilson doesn’t use conditioner because he says it weighs down his hair too much.

Be Natural

CJ is getting married in a few months to one of the prettiest girls on Earth: Lisalla Montenegro, a Brazilian model and spokesperson for Maybelline. “Life is obviously good when these are your circumstances,” he says. “It’s definitely pressure not to be the ugly guy on the hot girl’s arm, and sometimes I feel like I have to constantly try to equal her,” he jokes. Wilson advises that men go for the basics first: be fit and clean, and not look like you have a poundful of crust in your hair from some gel.

“Women prefer to have a more natural haircut than date someone with a three-foot tall Mohawk,” he observes. Wilson admits to wearing cologne now and then, and a couple of different ones including ones from Hugo Boss and Issey Miyake.

What’s Next for CJ?

Wilson stars in several “Good Happens” videos on YouTube produced by Head & Shoulders and you can follow the conversation using the tag #goodhappens. Take a look at one:

Says Wilson about the partnership, “Head & Shoulders  has a great sense of humor in the writing department and the creative people are fantastic. These are funny spots and a play on words.” When asked about his star pitching skills, Wilson is modest. “I was raised with a blue collar work ethic, and try to get the most out of a game. I go out on the field with a game plan in mind.”

Sounds like a good idea for a grooming strategy too.

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