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01-18-14 | Posted by

Matrix wants to give you a birds-eye view of hair coloring and styling. Or rather, a first person view from the eyes of a Matrix styling expert. The hair care company, which claims to be the largest in the industry, has partnered with Google Glass to create cutting, coloring, styling, and finishing tutorials for consumers and professionals.

If you haven’t heard, Google Glass is a tiny, tiny computer with an optical display that is mounted to a pair of glasses that presents information similar to a smartphone. The technology is basically still in the beta stage, but through the Glass Explorer program, Google has partnered with early adapters like a cutting-edge DJ in Los Angeles and Matrix. Called “wearable technology,” Google Glass represents the “next generation of beauty education,” Matrix says.

The Matrix/Glass partnership has a three-part rollout.

Matrix Class for Glass: Blogger Video Series – Under the direction of Matrix celebrity stylist George Papanikolas and Matrix artistic director Ammon Carver, select beauty bloggers will explore new trends via the Glass. You can view their experience on matrix.com and youtube.com/matrix.

Matrix Eye for Style Google Glass Salon Chair – Later this year, consumers can book an appointment with Papanikolas at  The Andy LeCompte Salon in Los Angeles. The personalized style created by Papanikolas will be videotaped via Google Glass. The video will then be emailed to the client to use as an at-home tutorial.

Matrix Class for Glass – Salon Professional Education Platform – This is an educational platform for salon professionals. Beginning in April 2014, the styling expertise of Ammon Carver, additional Matrix artistic directors Nicolas French and Chrystofer Benson, and other top stylist will be captured online. Via Google Glass, Matrix will showcase never-before-seen artist perspectives of cutting, coloring, styling, and finishing. The artists will lead tutorials that will be shared at classes throughout the country.

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