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11-29-12 | Posted by

Dr. Ellen Marmur is a unique sort of dermatologist and her new office in New York City perfectly reflects this. She believes in a holistic approach to skin care, one that involves exercise, diet, sleep, and even happiness.

“Your body is already equipped with the most amazing, sophisticated mechanisms of rejuvenation and repair. Our goal is to support those wonderful systems to optimize your body’s own natural anti-aging efforts, and to step in where needed to treat skin cancer or other areas of concern,” stated Dr. Marmur.

When you enter the new offices of Marmur Medical, you immediately sense her commitment to a holistic lifestyle. The reception desk and light fixtures are made of recycled glass and a conference table is made from a fallen redwood. It is a warm and friendly ambiance, complete with brick walls.

Dr. Marmur recently celebrated the new space with a party where she introduced guests to her team, which includes a nutritionist, mental health therapist, homeopath, and fitness expert. At the party, Aviva Drescher of The Real Housewives of New York and a Marmur Medical patient shared her own story of dealing with skin cancer, while urging everyone to have their moles and spots regularly checked by a dermatologist.

Dr. Ellen Marmur

Dr. Marmur practices both medical and cosmetic dermatology, seeking the simplest and most straightforward solutions for skin needs. She is a board-certified dermatologist with fellowship training in procedures such as Mohs Micrographic Surgery for skin cancer, and cosmetic surgery including laser treatments and injectables such as wrinkle relaxing agents and fillers. Marmur Medical offers a full range of dermatologic services, including Mohs surgery, skin cancer screening and removal, acne scar removal, a variety of laser treatments, including Clear+Brilliant, Fractional CO2, and Fraxel Restore, and injections and fillers.

Marmur Medical, 12 East 87th Street, Suite 1A, New York, NY 10128, 212.996.6900

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