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08-20-11 | Posted by

Academy Award nominee and wellness advocate, Mariel Hemingway, is partnering with SpaFinders to inspire Americans from coast to coast to lead healthier and happier lives. Ms. Hemingway and SpaFinders will team up together during Wellness Week – March 19-25, 2012 – to promote the nationwide movement dedicated to making it easier and more affordable for people to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Wellness Week 2012 will bring together wellness businesses such as spas, fitness studios and yoga practitioners to spotlight the wide range of wellness options available in communities across the country.  The week will feature free classes, workshops, seminars and consultations as well as weeklong special discounts at participating locations.

“Wellness Week is an exciting opportunity to help more people discover and enhance the best personal health they can by treating themselves well,” Ms. Hemingway said.

In celebration of the week, SpaFinders will showcase wellness-related news, features and resources, including expert advice, healthy recipes and insider tips.

Ms. Hemingway will help promote Wellness Week through a variety of communications and marketing efforts leading up to and throughout the week, including national appearances and special events.

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