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Meet the Organic Pharmacist

Margo is a trained pharmacist and homeopath, whose belief in natural, toxin free ingredients sent her on a mission to create her own brand of organic products designed to combine beauty, health and effectiveness. She and her husband, Italian Designer Francesco Marrone, co-founded The Organic Pharmacy in 2002. It has since become a homeopathic, beauty therapy destination on both ends of the pond, with 5 stores in the UK and a flagship in Beverly Hills. Margo’s first book, The Complete Guide to Natural Health & Beauty, was published in 2009.


What is the story behind the company name?

I started my career as a conventional pharmacist, but was always drawn to the more natural ways of treating disease. It was 10 years later when I was studying homeopathy that I became aware of the term ‘organic.’ I thought I had a healthy diet, but it had not occurred to me that an apple that I considered healthy was sprayed up to 16 times with poisonous and toxic pesticides. I changed my diet completely and soon afterwards became pregnant. It was at this point that I became aware that certain ingredients used in cosmetics could be problematic to our health. I found that most of my patients were unaware and there was nowhere I could refer them. This was the final turning point of my life and the ultimate dream: to create a place where anyone could come and choose any product off the shelf and know the ingredients had been checked, a herbal and homeopathic dispensary where professional advice could be given with customized remedies and a day spa where health scans and organic beauty treatments restored harmony. It was a mixture of my passion for organic and my pharmacy background and so the name became The Organic Pharmacy.

Is the organic trend here to stay in beauty?

If you think about it, everyone wants to be at their optimum health and to look their best. Organic health and beauty not only put fewer toxins inside the body, but the way in which the herbs and plants are grown is more nutritious and therefore more active. The days where organic was rustic and very basic are over. Today organic skin care can be just as sophisticated as non organic. Of course, organic also protects the environment, so it really is a winner all around. As long as organic cosmetics contribute to our health, make us look good and protect the environment, then I believe the trend will continue to grow.

Tell us about the branding of “Mineral Eye Jewels” and “Organic Glam.”

I wanted a range, much like the health and beauty care, that really offered a natural alternative that was every bit as glamorous and exciting. After all, make up is fun and glamorous, so why should we compromise on the way organic make up looks and feels and performs? Organic Glam was created to offer exactly that and more with innovative extracts such as green tea and other antioxidants that work hard for your skin at the same time.

What inspires your line and the work you do?

For me and my husband, who is the creative director, The Organic Pharmacy was an extension of the way we live rather than a clever marketing idea we came up with. It’s the passion and belief in what we do that makes us different. We genuinely love what we do and find the creative process very exciting. We want to be able to make a difference not only to the community that we live in through the treatments and advice that we give on health, but also through supporting the communities where we purchase our raw material. It’s the whole picture that is important. We wanted to create a business that we were proud of and to be able to make our business based on ethics and our own personal values.

What kind of woman wears Organic Glam products?

The kind of woman who loves wearing make up and likes to look her best, but also cares about what she is applying to her skin and what she is eating through her lipstick.

Are you a mom?

Yes, I am the proud mother of a boy and a girl who keep me young and inspire me every day. They have both grown up using homeopathy and herbs. It’s the best job in the world.

What is your favourite bag?

Bags and shoes are my weakness and I would never be able to choose just one favourite bag. I love Anya Hindmarch bags as well as Prada and Chloe. They usually have to be big with lots of room for my wads of note books, papers and make up!

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