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A graduate of The University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Leichtung has been a dentist in New York City for over 18 years.  In his modern West Side dental offices with three associates, Dr Leichtung offers the newest technologies available, including beautiful porcelain veneers, Invisalign, BriteSmile laser bleaching, digital x-rays, and implants.  In his other life, he is the brainchild and founder of SNAP-ON-SMILE, a highly successful customized system that provides natural looking long lasting dental restorations and cosmetic improvements. His hard work has definitely paid off, and now SNAP-ON-SMILE is an international brand used by dentists around the world as an alternative to many expensive and invasive dental procedures. The versatile appliance literally snaps on to your natural teeth and fits snugly to cover up imperfections, missing teeth, and create a gorgeous smile without the need for drills, shots, or adhesives. If you ask Dr Leichtung to smile for you – he will proudly show you his SNAP-ON-SMILE. He is also a patient!  manhattandentalarts.com

What was your inspiration for creating Snap-On Smile?

Being in practice for many years, seeing patients, helping create treatment plans, watching patients who had treatment challenges — some were not able to afford, some were afraid of pain, some were not willing to embark upon suggested plans — Dr. Liechtung decided that dentistry needed something that was affordable, reversible, non-invasive and pain-free without committing patients to invasive procedures.  I also created Snap on Smile out of a desire to help my grandma who was in a nursing home and who had misplaced her dentures.  I didn’t want her to go without her teeth.  He felt the field of dentistry needed something that could snap on, over teeth without drilling. He wanted to create a portable solution that did not need to be done in a dental office. He designed Snap on Smile so that impressions could be taken any where and the final product could be inserted anywhere.

Who is the ideal Snap-On-Smile client?

The ideal Snap on Smile candidate is anyone who wants a better smile. Snap on Smile helps with bites that have been ground down, smiles that are missing teeth.  It is also an ideal offering for any one who is phobic, medically compromised and financially challenged. Snap on Smile is a super alternative to invasive time consuming expensive work plans.

In this time of beauty on a budget, what does Snap-On-Smile cost vs. porcelain veneers?

The cost of one Snap on Smile is often equal to the cost of one veneer.  Snap on Smile costs any where from $900 – $1,500 per upper or lower set versus $1,000 to $2,000 per tooth.

How does a beautiful smile change someone’s face?  

A smile is the first thing we see on others. A beautiful smile radiates confidence while making someone look and feel younger and more approachable. A healthy beautiful smile magnifies personality and people with beautiful smiles come across as gracious.

Whose smiles do you admire most?

Brad Pitt, more so than having teeth that appear whiter than most smiles, Pitt has a natural looking smile.  His smile is one that looks healthy. His lips and lip formation help enhance his smile.  Halle Berry has an absolutely big framed and fantastic, glowing smile.

What are your top picks for oral care products?

Any toothpaste with a fluoride in it is my recommendation.  Toothpaste does not need to have a whitener – this is because whiteners retard the effectiveness of the fluoride.  A top mouthwash choice is Listerine as it gets under the gum tissue and helps to cleanse and clean out gingivitis.  For at home whitening, I like Crest White Strips – they are easy to use and work well.  For in office whitening, Zoom is great but for many has become cost prohibitive. In office bleaching should be followed up with after care to enhance and allow the bleaching to last longer.  For the best smile at the most affordable price, I suggest Snap on Smile.

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Chinese Acupuncture and Herbs Dr. Li Zheng is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist, trained in China and serving in Greater Boston areas with 24 years of experiences. Dr. Zheng treats a variety of conditions including anxiety, infertility, diabetes, neuropathy, weight loss, stress reduction, arthritis, sciatica, impotence, eye problems, chronic pain, IBS, adrenal and thyroid insufficiency, and allergies. Please check out our website to learn more about how acupuncture can help you.

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