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04-13-11 | Posted by

Looking a bit like a cross between a small eggplant and a plum, the exotic mangosteen is one of the latest super fruits to catch the attention of the beauty industry –with good reason. Native to Southeast Asia, the mangosteen is noted for being rich in xanthones and flavonoids, powerful phytonutrients that may promote healthy bodily function, including support of the cardiovascular and immune systems. In addition, its purple rind may possess unprecedented antioxidant properties, among other benefits.

The national fruit of Thailand, the mangosteen features edible white flesh that is sweet, tangy and citrusy with a peach’s flavor and texture. Outside of Southeast Asia, it is most commonly consumed as a beverage.

Dr. Oz touts the mangosteen as one of the “5 Superfoods to Eat Now.” You can experience it in Xango juice, from the first company to market a premium, functional mangosteen beverage worldwide that captures the essence of the entire mangosteen fruit. And if you are interested in checking out a skincare line that incorporates the topical benefits of this super fruit, give Glimpse skincare from Xango a try.

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