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You look spectacular and you know it. There’s no denying that a great professional blowout makes your hair look silky smooth and super shiny, plus it gives it tons of body. Want that blowout to last a lot longer? A few tricks up your sleeve will give your style staying power so it lasts and lasts. Here, what you need to know extend the life of your blowout:


Embrace your inner diva and cover your hair up with a silk scarf before sleeping or forgo your usual cotton or poly-blend pillowcase and switch it up with a silky satin one instead. The smoother fabric lets your hair slip and slide, eliminating friction that can muss and tangle your hair plus it will also prevent those temporary sleep lines on your face which can add up to permanent creases over time. The Slip Silk Pillowcase ($79.50 and up) gives bed head and skin woes the slip, taking beauty sleep to a whole other level. They’re made of the highest quality mulberry silk, are hypoallergenic and allow the skin to breathe unlike synthetic satin cases which don’t and can cause you to sweat. Available in Black, Charcoal, Caramel, Pink and White.


Dry shampoo is the little multi-tasker that could. It instantly eliminates oily hair, adding texture and body and even adding staying power to your updo. When grease starts to rear its ugly head, spray a little on your roots and massage in with clean, dry fingertips to absorb any excess oil and keep your hair from appearing matted or dirty. Umberto Beverly Hills Dry Shampoo ($10) will instantly revive and refresh your hair so it looks and feels clean again. It also has a light, fresh scent you’ll love and it won’t strip color or moisture from hair.


Yes. You read that right. Scrunchies might have gone the way of banana clips but it’s a great way to keep your style sleek while you sleep. Before bedtime, gently pull back into a low ponytail or two side buns (before laying your head down on that silk pillowcase, of course) and awaken with just-left-the-salon looking tresses. Scunci Fashion Scrunchies ($4 each), available in assorted colors, make it easy to keep your hair up and out of the way.


Humidity is the enemy of a perfect blowout. Depending on your hair type, any moisture that reaches your locks will cause it to either frizz or fall flat. Since giving up your daily bath or shower is not something we’d recommend, you can ensure your style stays intact by wearing a shower cap while bathing. Drybar The Morning After Shower Cap ($16) is lined with terry cloth as an extra layer of protection.


Whether you change your part for extra lift at the roots, pull your hair back into a messy or chic bun, or add a few waves here and there with a curling iron, swapping your style will give you an extra day or two without a shampoo. You might want to go the accessory route with a pretty headband, decorative barrette or cluster of bobby pins.

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