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02-22-12 | Posted by

When it comes to applying makeup, I have to admit, I’m no expert. I love changing up colors and textures but inevitably always end up using the same techniques. Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself, a new book by François Nars, founder of NARS Cosmetics, has changed all that with its plethora of tips that can help even a neophyte makeup artist like me.

This beautiful coffee-table size book begins with great tips from François Nars about skincare, proper makeup tools, and working with color (he says: “Have some fun! It’s only makeup!”). His skincare tips are particularly useful, as he explains the importance of clean skin as a canvas for makeup.

The book is divided by age group, so I tested the looks in the teens and twenties section. Nars tells readers which of his products are used on each “model” (none of the models are professionals – just real people of different ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds!). I subbed in the products I already have at home, which worked very well. I even created a NARS “wish list” of all the products in the book I’d love to buy. The directions he gives are simple to follow, and the photos are large enough to hold in front of the mirror while trying out his suggestions. The looks range from exotic and bold to demure and sweet and I enjoyed trying out each and every one. It’s a fun way for anyone, from makeup expert to shy beginner, to experiment with a new look. This book is a must-have for anyone looking for real tools to help revamp their makeup techniques!

Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself by Francois Nars is available from Rizzoli New York for $45.

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