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08-24-13 | Posted by

Even a beauty editor needs a refresher course once in a while. The DEX New York makeup studio is another hidden gem of Manhattan that sells its own unique mineral makeup line as well as offering how-to courses, red carpet makeup application, and makeup parties.

I walked in for an appointment with Josh Galarza, DEX national educational trainer, and walked out with a really, truly, and honestly turned around makeup routine.

“Let me just brighten up your skin a bit,” said Josh, as he dusted my face with terracotta colored blush. He also applied shadow to the crease of my eye, something I thought my smallish peepers couldn’t handle.

By the time my session with Josh finished, he put together a shadow, foundation, and blush palette ($148) for me, as well as tinted hydrator, brushes, and lip color. Succinct, convenient, and so easy to use that people have wondered what my new glow is about. In addition to concealer, the DEX Mineral Tined Hydrator SPF 20 ($38) is my new desert-island product.

Founder Dex Phillip started his career as a fashion stylist that segued into makeup artist, aesthetician, and all-around fashion renaissance man He created DEX New York Cosmetics as a mineral makeup that would be perfect in front of the camera, for every day beauty, and is healthy for the skin. The mineral makeup line boasts natural pigments and an anti-aging complex.

“I wanted to create modern mineral makeup that provides long-term anti-aging benefits with an instantly radiant and fresh, photo-ready finish for all skin tones,” stated DEX.

Described as “photo friendly” makeup, the DEX makeup shades are correct, meaning they apply as they appear. True to its New York moniker, most shades are named after Manhattan and area locales, i.e. Tudor City eyeshadow and Montauk hydrator. The collection is designed to fit all skin tones, “from Sweden to Sudan,” as DEX says.

The personalized touch of Josh ignited a can-do attitude in me. For information about makeup application ($150 and up), how-to classes ($175 for 1 ½ hours), and professional classes, go to dexnewyork.com.

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