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04-30-13 | Posted by

Ionic-Pearl(Post Sponsored by Syneron Beauty)

Cabernet, Diet Coke, and skinny lattes are the enemies of white teeth. So what’s a girl to do? The Ionic Pearl is a whole new kind of teeth whitening system that you can use at home – without the sensitivity of other methods.

The Pearl is the first and only teeth whitening system to use revolutionary patented ionic technology. This breakthrough system uses gentle micro-current to activate the enamel-safe Ionic Whitening Gel, erasing years of stains embedded in your teeth. See your smile get to its whitest white in just 5 days with no sensitivity. The Ionic Pearl Teeth Whitening System is FDA-cleared. In a clinical study, participants saw whiten teeth after 50 minutes–meaning 2 five-minute treatments over 5 days. In the same clinical study, the average whitening after 50 minutes was 2.7 shades, with a maximum whitening of up to 6 shades seen!

The key is the patented ionic technology contained in the device. By using ionic energy, the hydrogen peroxide gel is activated and then converted into active hydroxide. The Pearl delivers total whitening: the patented double bite mouthpiece effectively whitens the top, front, and back of teeth. And if you’re worried about sensitive teeth–don’t! In a clinical study, when subjects were asked about tooth sensitivity, 67% said that they experienced no sensitivity and 30% said that they experienced barely perceptible sensitivity.

According to cosmetic dentist Dr. Rene Dell’Acqua, “The Pearl Ionic Teeth Whitening System is a one-of-a-kind, patented teeth-whitening system that really helps whiten your teeth after just one use. Using The Pearl kit is simple and quick. All you do is place one tube of whitening solution into each side of the tray, turn on the device, and place it into your mouth. It also works much quicker than other types of whitening products, and you only have to wear it for five minutes.”

What separates the Pearl from other systems on the market is how fast and convenient the “smart” device is. And the big bonus: it’s totally hands-free! The Pearl contains a self­-timer to allow for easy application and use. Users are alerted to both contact with the gel and completion of each 5 minute treatment by a light on the device. The Pearl with ionic current was 100% more effective than without ionic current in bringing teeth to the whitest A1 color. Plus with the ionic current, you will see an average of two shades more whitening than treatment without ionic current during one 50-minute (two 5-min treatments over 5 days) treatment.

50 minutes, no pain, and easy-to-use..Get your own Pearl today, April 30, ONLY on QVC for $134.96 (a $245 value).  pearlionic_teethwhitening

A smile makes a great first impression so make yours dazzling.

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