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Got something to hide? Whether you have dark circles because you skimped on sleep or they’re there due to hereditary or other reasons there’s no reason you shouldn’t look bright-eyed and well-rested all the time. Pro advice and first-rate products will help you see the light.

Lijha Stewart, Director of Artistry and Education at Make Up For Ever says “the type of concealer that best suits you depends on the texture of the skin around your eyes and what your coverage needs are.” If your skin is dry she recommends you avoid powder and concealer sticks as they can exacerbate any dry texture under your eyes. Instead, she likes a liquid or cream concealer for the best, most natural looking results. If you have combination skin Stewart prefers a stick or powder formula as a liquid might not offer enough coverage and a cream may crease. In any case, Stewart says to “choose a concealer that matches your complexion perfectly since a lighter one can actually enhance under eye circles and puffiness.”


  • Face forward in the mirror and drop your chin slightly. This will allow you to see a line of demarcation under your eyes, revealing exactly where your concealer should be placed. Only apply it where you see the dark circles.
  • Direction-wise, apply it from the inner eye outward.
  • Use a concealer brush or your index finger to gently tap concealer and perfectly blend the product into your skin until you can’t differentiate the product from your skin. A concealer brush help you get more coverage.


  1. To help with creasing and to set the product after you apply, roll the opposite end of your concealer brush (ie. the tip of the handle) under your eyes to remove excess concealer.
  2. To achieve a long-lasting finish, top concealer with translucent setting powder or use a long-lasting product.
  3. To add some moisture to dry under-eye skin by mixing your concealer with a dab of eye cream before applying.
  4. To also cover up the inner and outer corners of the eye to wake up and brighten the entire eye area.


Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Color Concealer ($29) seamlessly disappears as it hides dark circles, blemishes and imperfections. The soft silicone applicator of this medium coverage, soft-focus effect and oil-free cover-up makes for an easy and precise application every time.

Invisible Cover Concealer (Credit: Make Up For Ever)


Hard Candy Glamouflage ($6) has a price that can’t be beat, plus it’s highly pigmented so a little goes a very long way. It’s long wearing and strong enough to cover the darkest circles, birth marks and even tattoos.

Hard Candy Glamoflauge (Credit: Hard Candy)


Lumixyl Revitaleyes Brightening Eye Cream ($65) harnesses the power of potent deca-peptides to brighten, tighten and smooth away dark circles and discoloration. This is our favorite multi-tasking anti-ager for younger, brighter eyes.



Lumene Bright Now Visible Repair 2-in-1 Eye Cream & Concealer ($25) does double duty as a moisturizing eye cream and light-reflecting concealer. Cover dark circles while you reduce fine lines, protect against damaging free radicals and smooth the skin so it looks younger, fresher and brighter.

Bright Now Visible Repair 2 In 1 Eye Cream & Concealer (Credit: Lumene)


Japonesque Velvet Touch Concealer ($20) has a creamy, matte, soft-focus finish that glides on effortlessly as it blends seamlessly while hiding dark under-eye shadows, blemishes, and other skin discolorations.

Velvet Touch Concealer (Credit: japonesque)


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