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06-06-12 | Posted by

One look at edgy Dutch born makeup artist Ellis Faas collection and you know it’s truly something special. Designed with a capital “D,”  her boldly unique assortment of silvery makeup pens resemble luxury calligraphy instruments.

In a sea of cosmetic brands, it is hard to stand out and get noticed. But not for Ellis Faas. Her keen photographic eye was clearly a huge influence on her cosmetics range, which is nothing short of extraordinary. The color collection comes packaged in innovative pens that fit perfectly into a streamlined lightweight holder for absolute portability. You can mix and match the colors you carry in your purse or makeup bag to your mood or your whim. The case is designed so you feel like you are loading bullets into a pistol in 6 little round symmetrical slots. The last time I was this wowed by a makeup collection was By Terry’s ready-to-wear collection that launched at Galeries Lafayette.

Ellis’ products come in a variety of wearable textures  – Creamy, Milky or Glazed – to make the application look perfectly natural, which is her overall mission. The pens come filled with foundation, concealer, eye liner, eye shadow, mascara and lip colors. The only exception is the powder that stands alone.

Ellis draws from what she terms her concept of “Human Colours.” She created a collection to complement all skin tones, and the formulas are liquid based and get absorbed quickly. Skin Veil Foundation with SPF 15 glides right on your skin in a few brush strokes and the texture is lovely. There are eight foundations and eight concealers that are intended to work together for seamless coverage. Finish off the look with a touch of blush and one of her mattifying powders.

If you are not a red lipstick kinda gal, Ellis may convince you otherwise. Her only lip color that comes in all three textures – Creamy, Milky and Glazed- is ELLIS RED L101, L201 and L301. It’s a classic red lip but the shade is universal, so it works for all women and flatters. Not too blue or too brown, Ellis Red is a creative concept that is a signature of her collection. We like Creamy best because of its soft and pretty texture. Milky is more like a gloss effect and can go on subtle and sheer. Glazed is described as “ultra wet,” so your lips may look like you have just bitten into a ripe and juicy red plum.

Even if you don’t buy into the brave new world of Ellis Faas, you can’t help but respect her refreshing point of view and creativity. This is a new level of modernism in cosmetics that is like functional art. The attention to detail is impressive and we can’t wait to see what she comes out with next.

Prices range from $30 for the powder to $65 for the Skin Veil Foundation. (We dare you to buy just one…) The Pen Holder is $35 and it’s an absolute must! So an initial investment of 6 pens plus the pen holder will run about $250.

Find Ellis Faas at SpaceNK, BergdorfGoodman, and www.ellisfaas.com.

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