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06-25-14 | Posted by

Poison ivy, night-blooming jasmine, and other threatening flora sound like great material for film noir, but not so much a makeup collection.

But M.A.C.’s Moody Blooms collection, which launches in stores on June 26, is all about phosphorescence, gleam, and a dark poisonous quality—which actually translates beautifully into a brooding makeup collection.

First there are the metallic eye shadows that look intense and other worldly; dark greens and plums—the shade you’d expect to find in a rainforest; and plenty of beautiful eye liners, courtesy of M.A.C. ‘s great Fluidline formula. Expect electric colors—these are moody blooms after all—so there are bright pops of color in an otherwise darkly iridescent palette.

There’s also a summery aspect to the collection: a bronze powder blush with color that unfurls like a blooming bud onto the cheek before disappearing into the night again. The collection’s highlights include:

Sheen Supreme Lipstick ($17 each): Shades range from Moody Bloom (a bronze plum) to the online exclusive, Venomous Violet (a deep berry). I suspect that the latter will sell out in days.

Sheen Supreme Lipglass Tint ($20): The colors here include Bubble Gum Pink (a soft warm pink) and Glorious Intent (a warm plum).

Eye Shadow ($15): These are mostly deluxe pearl finishes, as well as a few frost and satin shades. The colors range from Artistic License (a pinky gold) to Hidden Motive (a deep aubergine).

Moody Blooms may be one of the most original M.A.C. collections to date, and certainly inspiring in its eye shadow names. The names of these shades are actually more cheeky than moody, but I highly recommend the Venomous Violet Sheen Supreme Lipstick for starters, which is a lot less Dame Edna and a lot more brooding artist.



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