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02-17-11 | Posted by

Photo Credit: La Prairie

At BITB, we’re very sensitive to the needs of our readers, and we realize that in spite of some encouraging indicators, there’s still a recession going on. That’s why we like to recommend products with reasonable price points. But I have to admit, we do love ourselves some luxury skincare – and despite all pangs of conscious to the contrary, I just have to tell you about the new Cellular Power Infusion serum from La Prairie. It’s a month long, far-reaching anti-aging treatment intended to be used four times a year, priced at a painful $475, but as they say, worth every penny.

“It’s all about the energy being restored to the skin,” explained Holly Genovese, vice president of  training and retail marketing for La Prairie. Cellular Power Infusion has a three-fold action, the first of which is restoring energy to skin cells. The second action is to protect epidermal skin cells, and third, activate skin tissue renewal. In other words, it re-energizes the skin, helps protect the functionality of skin cells, and helps skin fight off the effects of stress and environmental factors.

Being an editor, La Prairie graciously gave me a treatment vial of Cellular Power Infusion to try for a week, morning and night. The results can be felt and seen. My skin definitely felt smoother and tauter – in other words – younger – and looked more firm.

Given the price of this serum, Cellular Power Infusion is clearly a luxury product. If you’ve got the dough, I highly recommend it. Plus, the activation mechanism is rather fun. When you turn the base, a blue concentrate is released into the clear serum, activating the product, which remains viable for up to 10 days. Each kit contains four vials containing enough product for one week.

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