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06-26-13 | Posted by

Acne can be a very isolating condition and something we tend to suffer in silence. According to a study commissioned by Ambicare, the UK-based manufacturer of Lustre Pure Light Treatment for Acne, almost one in five women in the UK, age 20 to 39, doesn’t like leaving the house because of their acne. But the damage to self-esteem doesn’t stop there. More than 50% of the women in the study say that acne makes them feel unattractive, insecure, and depressed, and affects romantic relationships, too.

The skincare professionals behind Lustre Pure Light want to put an end to this quiet desperation by creating an online community for acne sufferers to share experiences and treatment results. The Lustre Clinic website offers a place to chat and learn from healthcare experts who impart advice and tips for living with and controlling acne.

A major benefit of the online community is the knowledge that you are not alone—acne affects 650 million people globally and it’s not just for teens. Thirty to 50% of women, age 26 to 34+ are affected, as are 20 to 25% of men in the same age range. And there seems to be no age limit: 35 to 60 year old women can develop pimples along with wrinkles, especially around the chin, jaw, and mouth.

While there is no cure for acne, there certainly is a plethora of treatments ranging from OTC topicals, antibiotics to laser treatments and more. Nearly one third of acne sufferers have tried multiple treatments to little or no avail.

One option that most sufferers have not even heard of is light based treatment like the at-home devices offered by Lustre. Newly launched Lustre Pro is a clinically proven blue light therapy that fights pimples, blemishes, and spots, and only takes 20 minutes a day. Its predecessor, Lustre Pure Light worked on the same principle but required treatment time of 60 minutes a day. The complete treatment cycle for both deices is 12 weeks.

The Lustre technology works by targeting P. acnes bacteria, the cause of acne. Blue light therapy has been clinically proven to kill this bacteria without any side effects. Clinical trials show a 60% improvement in inflammatory acne, 50% improvement in whitehead and blackhead counts at 12 weeks, and 65% of users reported moderate to marked acne improvement.

Lustre Pro is a small rechargeable, portable device that is worn during treatment, which allows the user to carry on with other activities. It can be used in conjunction with other treatments and medications. Lustre Pro is exclusively available through skincare specialists and clinics. The Lustre Pure Light Classic is available online for £249.

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