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11-14-11 | Posted by

Is your skin like mine suffering from “seasonal adjustment” disorder?  Then check out this new to the market soothing body and face cream. Lumene just introduced their new Sensitive Touch 5 Minute SOS Cream for those of us who suffer from dry and easily irritated skin, especially in the harsher winter months. Lumene, a Finnish company, developed the cream in co-operation with the Finnish Allergy and Asthma Federation and it works to moisturize and condition skin while also reducing redness.

The Sensitive Touch 5 Minute SOS Cream is composed of organic linen seed extract, pro-vitamin B5, and other natural ingredients proven to heal and strengthen skin, and is clinically proven to improve the skin’s tolerance to irritants with continued use.

Lumene’s cream offers full-body coverage, for use on the face, lips, heels, elbows, and hands—anywhere your skin suffers and needs protection. The products is also free of alcohol, colorant, fragrance, paraben, and silicone.

A 1.7 oz. bottle can be purchased from CVS/pharmacy or cvs.com as well as other retailers for $19.99. You can catch it on sale at cvs.com for as low as $15.99.


  1. Cynthia Says:

    This product is inexpensive and good

  2. Cynthia Says:

    Great inexpensive product to Sensitive Touch 5 Minute SOS Cream is orgnaci and heals and strengthens skin and is inexpenisive

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