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02-26-09 | Posted by



My cheeks are deflating which makes me look much older. What can I do about it?

The best thing you can do for deflating cheeks is to plump them up with some filler.  Thicker products tend to work nicely for injecting larger areas and give the face a subtle lifting effect. You can consider trying a hyaluronic acid gel such as Restylane, Perlane, or Juvederm Ultra. Collagen is another good choice and Evolence acts as a restructurizing agent for droopy cheeks. Radiesse should be on your list too. Sculptra is also an option which is used to stimulate new collagen. After 3-4 sessions, your fuller cheeks can last 2-3 years.  All of these are FDA approved temporary fillers that work in slightly different ways. Lastly, fat transfer can also be used to add volume but this is a 2-step procedure – the doctor takes your fat from tummy, hips, or buttocks and processes it to be injected where you need it.


  1. placido Says:

    I got juvederm in my lips but never thought about it for my cheeks. Maybe I should do that next. Gotta save up some $$ first

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