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12-02-11 | Posted by

Believe it or not, beauty brands really, really want to hear from you. Leading executives from L’Oreal (just the biggest beauty company in the world) spend beaucoup bucks on engaging customers through Facebook, Twitter and brand websites.

“We use social media as a way to get our customers to engage in the brand… including our YouTube channel Destination Beauty,” said Nathalie Kristo, senior vice president of marketing for L’Oreal Paris, during last Wednesday night’s presentation entitled “Strategic Insights with L’Oreal’s Leaders.” The event was part of the Women in Beauty Series sponsored by Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW),  just possibly the most influential professional beauty organization that exists.

“Everyday something is going on with Lancome in Facebook and Twitter,” added Sylvia Galfo, vice president of marketing in the U.S. for Lancome, which is owned by the L’Oreal Group.

You’ve got an opinion and beauty brands want to know about it, the executives explained. Things have definitely changed in recent years. In addition to traditional outreach to customers at counter and through conventional media like magazines and television, a huge marketing emphasis is placed on the engagement offered online through social media, the blogosphers and websites like Polyvore.com.

“We share much more openly now about the brand than we did five years ago,” said Ms. Galfo.

Contests too have become an important way to create brand advocates, Ms. Galfo explained, citing a recent contest held on Polyvore.com, which received thousands and thousands of responses.

The lesson here – if you really love a cosmetic brand, start following them on blogs (like Beautyinthebag.com), Facebook and Twitter to have your voice heard and learn about deals, prizes and maybe even see the product of your dreams come down the pike.

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