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05-08-09 | Posted by



Are you aware that the 3-year old bronzer you are about to put on may very well lead to pore cloggage, breakouts, allergic reactions, and even leave a dirty looking residue on your beautiful skin!? HAULTTTT, the reality is…we all love makeup, its made to enhance beauty not ruin your skin.  As careful as you are with choosing makeup, you should be just as careful where you store it and for how long.  As many of us fail to understand that makeup DOES go bad.  Silly right.. makeup spoiling, It’s not food! Well… just like we humans live on earth and breath in toxins and live in the midst of oxygen, through climate changes and weather activity (along with age) makeup can go bad.  Whether its powders, liquids, or jells… all makeup has a spoiling point.. unfortunately, but hey it keeps manufacturer’s in business and us trying new and improved products.  By disinfecting your makeup brushes at  least a few times a month…you’ll be able to decrease the germs buildup happening in your foundation and on your brush.  Make sure you keep all of your makeup stored in cool areas, as heat can cause melting and at the end of the day (make=chemically processed= add heat= BIG PROBLEM!) You don’t want to end up with a facial breakout because your 1 year old power was left in your hott car for 5 hours.  Be cautious of where you keep your beauty tools, after all… you are applying them to your body.


SITUATION: Makeup doesn’t include an expiration date… how will I know when it’s gone bad?

SOLUTION: Experts suggest going by the day from which you first opened your makeup. Eye-makeup and liquid foundation last the least amount of time and usually should be thrown out after 4 months.  Powders and foundations used for over a year should be thrown away because they have reached their due date.  Makeup applicators should be cleaned and/or replaced frequently not to cause breakouts and infection, and Lipstick can begin to smell funny once it has gone bad which is a sign it should be replaced.  If your mascara is clumpy or foundation thickening..just another sign to TOSSS the oldies.


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