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03-14-12 | Posted by

At BITB, we are bombarded with opportunities to try the latest/greatest/most effective/expensive/unique facials and so it’s no surprise that we are pretty selective about what we try. If we said yes to everything we would spend 24/7 in spas and clinics…nice as that sounds it’s just not practical!

HydraFacial info landed on the desk and there was something special about this one. Yes it has celeb fans, and Beyoncé and Eva Mendes are enough to sway most people…and it’s new…but for us it was the promise to take dermabrasion (which I’m not ordinarily a fan of) to a whole new level. Vacuum suction and abrasive action combine to remove dead skin and unblock pores all at once in one slurping action.

The machine’s clever handpiece does its mechanical job but also delivers serums at each stage of the treatment; cleanser for stage one, a light peel for stage two then there’s some extraction (my favourite) followed by a hyaluronic serum to help repair and plump the skin. Amazingly, post-treatment you get to see what’s been extracted and sloughed off in the waste tube (not for the faint hearted).

A previously unsightly blackhead-ridden nose now gleams with health. The entire face and neck is left looking fresh, even-toned, revitalised and the appearance of light wrinkles lessened. Why didn’t we have this in the UK years ago? Like most great beauty secrets us Brits are always the last to know!

A course is recommended and prices start from £80. ‘A’ for effort and an ‘A’ for attainment. HydraFacial is amongst the best we’ve tried – a future hall of famer.

For your nearest clinic log on to www.HydraFacial.co.uk and click on ‘Find a Clinic’. Prices start at £80 but vary dependent on the practitioner. BITB tested the treatment with Charlotte Carter at the Dr Rita Rakus clinic in Knightsbridge, London

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