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11-19-11 | Posted by

We are now in the crucial weeks leading-up to the holidays when most of us spend evenings in warmth, cuddled-up at home with family and friends. What better time to light those gorgeous fragrant candles you’ve been holding on to, waiting for a very special occasion to use them. You only have to take a trip to Selfridges London to get an idea of how many home fragrance brands are competing for poll-position in Jo Malone’s wake. Whether you’re into never-to-be-lit artfully molded candles or super-efficient fragrance-diffusers, these few squared meters in central London are a treasure trove for home fragrance lovers. The question is which candles are you most likely to burn first at home and which are you saving for a visit from the Queen? Here’s the hierarchy:-

A Daily Lift with M&S Filled Candles

The Sweet Bergamot filled candle from M&S is gorgeous and a great deal at just £5 – a scene-setter for sure and it’s very in-season with its ruby-red wax peaking through the glass. There’s also a vanilla fragrance candle in the range too and both make great stocking fillers or a good secret Santa for a mate in the office.

A Romantic Christmas Supper with Help from Muji ‘s Tea Light Assortment

With chrome holders and neat lids, these cute candles are made with premium fragrance; they’re clean-burning and last for hours. Available in a selection of sophisticated fragrance combinations it’s hard to believe Muji Tin Candles  are only £3.50; Hinoki Wood, Lime Basil, Mango & Yuzu and Cherry Blossom are just a few of the luscious scents to choose from. Mix and match by fragrance or colour to create bespoke, perfect mood-lighting.

Impress the In-Laws with Some Jo Malone

Jo Malone is a classic brand and you can’t really go wrong with their selection. In fact, it’s such a well-known prestige brand, it is bound to be recognised by any guests you are hoping to impress. Use the fantastic Scent Surround guide online to get the appropriate candle choice for your mood and the individual rooms in your house. As soon as your guests leave, you can blow these beautiful candles out and save some burn-time for a quiet moment of fragrant bliss. Or, move your candle into the kitchen and enjoy the luxx fragrance while you do the washing up. Prices start from £22 for a travel-sized candle.

Something Special from Geodesis

Made in Brittany, France, to exacting standards, the combination of vegetable and mineral wax gives optimal burning-power and allows the best possible fragrance diffusion. Each Geodesis candle harnesses a fragrance from some of the most exotic destinations around the world. Many a brand has tried this travel-focus before but none as successfully as this one in our humble opinion. Until now these gloriously fragrant candles could only be found in the most prestigious of boutiques such as the Bluebird Shop on the King’s Road, Absolute Flowers on Maida Vale’s Clifton Road and Verandah in Kensal Rise. But now, John Lewis has got the Geodesis bug and offers most of the range nationwide! Look out for the new scents which have just arrived in the UK; Havana,  Patchouli and Jasmine. These are certainly candles worth saving, but don’t let them collect dust


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