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04-19-11 | Posted by

Wedding Beauty Prep Tips Fit For a Royal

Now ladies, unless you have had your head in the sand for the last few weeks, you will know that the Royal Wedding is almost upon us. My namesake has a bit of a head-start on me though (yes, this Kate is getting married shortly too) and it’s got me thinking. Every bride-to-be, including me, has a checklist to achieve their beauty goal for the BIG day; flawless skin, top-notch hair condition, pearly whites, and a photo-friendly figure. If I were Kate Middleton, I would have been in training for this occasion all my life no doubt. But, with my wedding only 10 weeks away, I’ve had to quickly get the beauty-ball rolling and am ready to share my secrets with you, for the best London has to offer in bridal beauty.

Shiny, Happy, Hair

Whether you have yours up or down, tousled or tame, your hair needs to be in the best possible condition and that means regular trims (yes even if you are growing it) and conditioning treatments at-home and in-salon. To go that extra mile for a glossy salon-finish you need to try a smoothing treatment. Every good hair salon will offer one and if you want the best possible result, ask for Keratin Complex. This is not a straightening treatment so you will not lose any body, instead you will emerge from the treatment with frizz-free photo-friendly hair that is much easier to manage and the effects, when you use sulphate-free shampoo at home, last for months. You will have tamed frizzies even up until you return from your honeymoon. Request your nearest salon location at www.KeratinComplexuk.co.uk.  

Miracle Makeup

Flawless skin is a bit like the holy grail. It’s out there, so we are told, but how do we find it? Well, I found it on Motcomb Street at Cosmetics A La Carte. The makeup and its artists on site are nothing short of miracle workers. In all my makeup-wearing life, I have never had a custom blend and that’s because there is no brand in London that does it. Bespoke blending is a dying art. So, during my wedding makeup trial at the new store, to my delight, the makeup artist picked up two bottles from a selection of over 30, stirred them together in equal measure, and voila…a truly perfect match and when I say perfect, I mean PERFECT. Ask for Laura who is nothing short of the Makeup Mistress of Motcomb Street. You can even hire these gals for your wedding makeup – no sweat! The equally wonderful website now hosts great how-to videos to help you achieve makeup looks in easy-to-follow steps. Thank you! Check out www.cosmeticsalacarte.com.

Also, if you are a bit of a danger with a foundation brush, BITB recommends you get in touch with one of the most sought-after wedding makeup experts in London, Jules Cardozo-Marsh. Check out some of the most current and inspiring wedding looks on her website at www.julescardozomarsh.com. Jules has been responsible for some of the big L’Oréal campaign images so you know you are in good hands. Get in touch for a quote and trust us, she’s worth it!

Super Skin

You’ve been drinking mineral water in abundance for weeks and weeks and your skin has never been in such good condition but you want more! The best-kept secret for plump, firm, glowing skin comes in the shape of a three-session non-invasive radio frequency treatment called Pelleve. New from the US, this clever gadget heats the skin to a safe, optimal temperature – feels like you are bathing in sunshine – which helps to encourage the collagen repair under the surface of the skin. Over four to six weeks post-treatment, the skin gets increasingly better and better, firmer, more plump with features defined. People began to comment on my skin after my Pelleve session, telling me how great it looked. The compliments are now so frequent, they’re causing me to blush. Pelleve is not an inexpensive treatment but the effects are quite long-term, lasting a good year or more so I’d say it’s a good investment. Dr Rakus does about 10 Pelleve treatments a day at her clinic in Knightsbridge so book in to see the Pelleve expert – www.drritarakus.com.

Pearly Queen

A smile tells a thousand stories and so will your wedding photos. A healthy, white smile is timeless and if you are partial to tea and coffee, red wine and curry then your teeth are probably in need of freshening up. The best place in London for expert in-chair and at-home whitening is undoubtedly The London Smile Clinic on Clipstone Street. A whitening package at £795 includes bespoke whitening trays and the BriteSmile whitening solution so you can top-up the benefits of your thorough in-clinic treatment at home too. For more information check out www.londonsmile.co.uk.


Try on your dress and raise and lower your arms…if you’re cultivating fat at the rim of the dress near the armpit and bust-line, or on your back at the top of the dress, you are suffering with overhang and it ruins the effect of your beautiful dress. Losing weight won’t cut it, the scales don’t count. Instead, be aware of your fat intake and focus on losing fat rather than weight and it’s a much healthier approach than crash-dieting. BITB recommends the best fat-loss specialist in London, Dave Fletcher of www.theodysseyway.co.uk who works with brides-to-be on a six week intensive programme to sculpt the body and reduce the body fat percentage – the cause of overhang.

Now BITB has passed you the beauty-baton get going and get gorgeous for your big day.

However and wherever you are celebrating the Royal Wedding, enjoy it and be inspired.

Love from London

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