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12-04-10 | Posted by

Photo Credit: www.functionalab.co.uk

PRs tout miracle creams, lotions and potions with such gusto and not-so-gentle persuasion that often it’s hard to separate the truth from the myth. With that in mind, it is not every day that you come across something that totally blows you away. As luck would have it, in the space of just a few cold and gloomy London weeks, two wonderful things have not only won back my trust in PRs but they have livened-up my hair and breathed new life into my skin.

So what has got me and the BITB gals hooked?

At first glance, Functionalab appears to be no more than a very flash vitamin brand, but boy was I wrong and I LOVE to be proven wrong. Who would have thought that after a course of pills promising me a Pure Complexion I could boast exactly what it says on the space-age bottle – first time for everything! Packed with all the right ingredients for the job, the back of this product reads like a beauty blessing.

The key benefits help to regulate skin oiliness and purify the skin whilst also preventing free radical damage – and with the number of free radicals floating around my body, I am sure these pills had a hard job. Jammed with a milk protein complex, beta carotene and vitamin C, the clear liquid-filled capsules are easy to swallow and work a treat. I saw the effects so quickly that by week three I was actually looking forward to taking my daily dose each morning, plus there is no nasty after taste like you would get from a Beauty Oil, like the one I tried this time last year on my mum’s recommendation – pah, what does she know?! I can safely say that for the first time in a long time, I feel brave enough to take on party season without a stitch of concealer and I will be sure to stock-up before my wedding day next summer!

Photo Credit: www.HQHair.com

Next to land on my doorstep was another minor beauty miracle. In fact, as I was leaving for the gym at the crack of dawn, the postman handed me a parcel, which I stuffed into my gym kit and it wasn’t until my post work-out shower that I decided to open up the package. Moroccan Oil sounded like something you buy on holiday in Marrakech from one of the apothecary-style pharmacies packed with dried rose petals, deer musk and jasmine perfume. Alas, once again, I was wrong. Usually, I race to work after the gym with hair glued back in a not-so-ballerina bun and by mid-morning my hair is frizzy and certainly not meeting-ready.

I followed the instructions – carefully for once – for fear of looking like an oil-slick, and applied a small amount to my damp hair, and then tied it back. It smelled divine and better still, I had shiny, frizz-free hair all day with a softness that I have only ever experienced after an in-salon hair conditioning treatment. It literally gave me dream hair, so good it didn’t even feel or look like my own, which let me assure you, is a good thing!

I strongly advise that if prepping for a big event or an important function, you invest in these two beauty finds – you won’t be sorry!

Functionalab’s comprehensive line of Advanced Nutricosmetics and Advanced Nutraceuticals are available at Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge and online at www.functionalab.co.uk, Pure Complexion is £35 for 30 days’ supply (not advised for use by pregnant women).

Moroccan Oil Light is available from www.HQHair.com priced £28.95

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