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11-16-11 | Posted by

Whether or not it’s because of this treacherous, global economic climate or just because we can, it looks like women everywhere are electing to use new home-use beauty treatments and they are saving us a pretty penny!

Beautyinthebag.com’s trend research team has discovered an influx of new treatments designed for you to get salon perfection at home. We’re not necessarily talking about a watered down version of the real thing either. Here are just a few of the fantastic products to choose from and we’re certainly going to be getting our hands on them sharpish:

Luxx Home Facial: Creme de la Mer

Finally, the masters of prestige skincare have extended a hand to us skincare junkies still on the search for the holy grail – the perfect skin treatment. It’s finally here in the shape of the Creme de la Mer at-home Hydrating Facial at £180 from www.cremedelamer.co.uk. You get two facial mask cut-outs, one for the upper part of the face and one for the lower portion. Apply on clean skin and leave for a miraculously short 8 minutes and voila! A 60-minute facial in the spa will cost you £120, so given that this set gives you six treatment masks (one to be used each week), it’s not a bad deal for six weeks of moisture!

Superb Salon Hair: Charles Worthington’s CW Salon at Home Collection

Photo Credit: Boots.com

There’s been much in the press about salon smoothing treatments and if you are aware of them, you’ll know how expensive they can be. You will also know that many have been banned for their formaldehyde content. With that in mind, we were delighted – and we don’t use that word lightly – to find out that Boots have launched a range of gorgeous salon-quality treatments including a shine booster, repair treatment and now…FORMALDEHYDE-FREE SMOOTHING KITS! With one suitable for coloured hair and one for non-coloured hair, everyone can benefit from these easy to use kits, which give you salon-smooth hair for up to 40 days and it only takes 25 minutes in total. Home beautification has never been so exiting and technologically advanced! £19.99 from Boots online.

Lash Love-In: Diego Dalla Palma at Tesco

Photo Credit: direct.tesco.com

Would you believe that Tesco supermarket is suddenly at the beauty frontline with a huge selection of salon treatments soon-to-be offered in-store such as haircuts and finishes, threading and more. In amongst the services there also are some great new brands and products to try out such as Diego Dalla Palma’s semi-permanent mascara that is reported to tint the lashes with every use, a bit like a salon-tint. Use it for five days in a row and you will get the desired effect for around two weeks and your lashes stay flexible and soft unlike some salon equivalents. £16 from selected Tesco stores or at Tesco Direct online (when it’s back in stock!)

Rumour Has It…Veet, veet

We’ve also just heard from a very reliable source that wax-specific brand, Veet, is about to launch NEW Easywax – a very clever new kit that contains the same wax formula that beauty therapists would use in a salon situation. It’s heated to maintain the optimum temperature for salon results throughout the treatment so there’s no more racing back to the microwave or boiling pan when the wax cools down. There’ll be queues for this one I’m sure!

So, is this the future? No more time-consuming trips to the salon…try these out and you be the judge!

Love from London


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