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Photo Credit: Urban Decay's Book of Shadows (Vol. IV)


09-27-11 | Posted by

BITB is dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest in beauty and this instalment is no exception. Editor of the UK’s Pure Beauty magazine, Emily Miller speaks to BITB London about the future of beauty – distilling the trends from the fads, and sorting the winners from the losers…

What are the current trends and which are going to become the next big thing in beauty?

Skincare and make up hybrids are probably the biggest trend in beauty right now. Following phenomenal popularity in Asian markets, BB (Blemish Balm) creams seem to be launching left, right and centre – and I know I’m not the first person to have noticed. Garnier was the first to bring out a mass-market version specifically for the UK – Miracle Skin Perfector Daily All-In-One BB Cream launched this month, but my personal favourite so far is M.A.C Prep + Prime Beauty Balm SPF 35.

These BB creams basically claim to be the one beauty basic you need, offering anti-ageing, glow-enhancing, sun protection and skin tone correcting all in one. Unless you have pretty great skin to start with, however, they are unlikely to replace foundation any time soon – I have yet to find one that makes my skin look as good as foundation.

However at the other end of the spectrum, foundations are adding more and more skincare benefits – the new Max Factor Ageless Elixir 2 in 1 Foundation + Serum not only reflects and diffuses light across skin for a flawless finish, but contains a serum with SPF15 and some pretty serious anti-ageing ingredients, so it also offers long term skin improvement. I expect to see the lines between make up and skincare becoming increasingly blurred in the coming months as brands try to get to grips with the BB cream/’skincare + make up’ surge.

Which new technologies in beauty are set to impress?

Nails are having a real beauty moment and I definitely think this will continue. Scented polishes (for grown ups!) and nail varnish that changes colour in the sun are just two recent innovations, but the most exciting thing I’ve seen in a while is magnetic nail polish. Although apparently this has been done before, this is the first one I’ve seen and I am really impressed. FashionistA has launched Nail Magnetism, a range of nail that you apply and then hold a special magnet (sold separately, natch) above your nail. The magnet moves the polish around the nail and the result is a kind of rippled, futuristic effect. Nail wraps, crackle top coats and special effect polishes are definitely going nowhere and I can’t wait to see what will be the next big thing.

I think make up brands are realising the benefits of consumers understanding how to use their products to the best of their capability, and more and more are including tutorials or application guides with their make up palettes. While some brands have been doing this for years, I think this practice will become even more widespread  – as to me it’s a no brainer. Consumers who know how to apply their make up will get better results, and therefore will have a higher opinion of that make up and brand, and how it makes them look and feel. Urban Decay’s latest Book of Shadows (Vol. IV) (available at Debenhams and House of Fraser) does this in a high tech way, with a card that features five Quick Response codes. When these are scanned with an app on your smart phone they link to tutorials on YouTube that show the user how to create five new make up looks with the products in the palette – genius!

I think primers are finally beginning to get the recognition they deserve. The US seems to have cottoned on way before us that primers are the way to make your make up look better for longer, and there has been a lot more focus on them over the last year or so. Face, eyeshadow and lip primers are becoming more versatile, offering a range of different finishes, benefits and even shades (for eyes), and I can see this market becoming bigger as consumers realise how much difference they can make to not only staying power but also smooth make up application.

What are your favourite innovations from recent times?

Emily: Prada Candy  – although this perfume isn’t really ‘me’ I’m so impressed that Prada, who was already on to a winner with its hugely popular scents, has transformed itself (and certainly my opinion of it) with this launch. It’s super-sweet but sophisticated, and the packaging is so different than anything I’ve seen from Prada before but has a massive cool factor. I think a lot of commercial fragrance brands play it safe when it comes to perfume and I love the fact that this is so different yet has such mass appeal while still being unique.

Benefit The Porefessional  is literally the only make up product I have tried that does exactly what I hoped it would do without any room for improvement. If I put this on before foundation my skin looks so much better for the whole day – it literally makes pores disappear. I also love the way you can whack it on top of your make up if you need to top up. It’s a bit sad that this is a rare example of a beauty product doing exactly what it says it will do!

Illamasqua, to me, is one of the most exciting brands of the last decade. I remember talking to a beauty buyer when it first launched who told me she thought it was the only brand to provide any sort of competition to M.A.C she’d seen in her career, due to the packaging, range and quality. To me the most amazing thing about this brand is that the shades are exactly as vibrant on skin as they are in the packaging – that hardly ever happens and just shows the quality and amount of its pigments.”

Thanks to Emily for all her fab insight; BITB salutes you!

Love from London

P.S. Pure Beauty’s hot ticket annual awards is set to take place on October 6th – readers are able to vote for their favourites…deadline for voting is 30th September.


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