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04-26-11 | Posted by

Photo Credit: Thai Square Spa

Trotting down the cobbly streets of Covent Garden, you’d be forgiven for gasping in shock when you stumble across the biggest thing to happen to the London Spa industry in years!! Hidden part way down sleepy Shelton Street is nothing short of a spa oasis – Thai Square Spa.

Walking in, the most warm and genuine of smiles greets you at the door, and it’s amazing what an effect this can have on your mood and from that point on, the service never slips. Tired, stressed and dishevelled, I immediately felt confident that this place was going to fix me and it did! With a few minutes to spare until my appointment I noticed that there was a gorgeous Thai dining area with authentic cuisine on offer and space to sit indoors and outdoors (the latter is quite a rarity in London spas). After munching some of the best Thai cuisine in town, I made my way down the stairs to a low-lit spa haven with ambient lighting, heady aromas and more smiling faces. Ample space, rest area, soft gowns and fresh slippers set your expectations high for what comes next, and you will not be disappointed. Thai Square Spa has managed to get that ‘big luxury spa’ feel into a medium-sized offering without compromising the quality and that’s quite a talent.

My treatment, was developed by the spa and dates back to the late 19th and early 20th century when Thailand was then known as Kingdom of Siam.  At the time, court ladies were known for transforming indigenous ingredients into delicate beautifying formulas, which have since influenced the Western World.  Ploy, my wonderful therapist for the afternoon, began with a warm, antioxidant footbath, which was grounding and settling. Oils added to the water softened my skin and smelt divine. Ploy’s knowledge of the ingredients used was so refreshing; she knew where they were sourced and their properties, which only added to the experience. Next, was the apricot exfoliation and to follow, there was a unique Thai herbal massage based on Siamese customs.  With extracts of cinnamon, black pepper and camphor within the massage oil, muscles are left feeling blissfully relaxed and soothed, so much so I drifted off to sleep. You can however have almond oil instead if you would prefer something very delicate. Trouble was, I had a meeting to go to straight afterwards so I was very conscious that I couldn’t get too drowsy – this treatment is definitely one to have on a day off!

I was most excited about the muslin packed with herbs and goodies sitting in the steamer, which Ploy soon wrapped in a flannel (to provide the optimum treatment temperature) and this giant tea bag was used to press into the skin quite firmly to detox and soothe – wow! It actually worked! After the most thorough and beneficial body treat I have ever had, I got dressed and exchanged my slippers for my high-heels and got going with one thing in mind, who to call first to share my experience!

In honour of the Royal Wedding this blissful two and half hour (yes, that long!) Thai Herbal Ceremony is half price at £105 instead of £210! Pop in to the friendliest spa in London 25 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, WC2H 9HW or log on to the website at www.thaisquarespa.com. Alternatively call 020 7240 6090 and be quick because deals like this go quickly.

If you need some TLC from a Thai expert look no further, because this is the place…

Love from London

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