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07-27-11 | Posted by

BITB’s London-based beauty writer, Kate Zadah shares her wedding day beauty bulletin.

Photo Credit: Joanna Wilkinson

My wedding day was of course the happiest day of my life so far and it was the biggest beauty-build up of my life too!

My Beauty Preparation

There was a lot of beauty prep before my big day.  I had read the beauty pages of magazines and websites and blogs for months beforehand and one thing was sure, there seemed to be a lot of treatments and grooming to get sorted before my wedding day. Hair, nails, skin, brows etc etc.

I started by getting my teeth whitened and straightened at a dental clinic that came highly recommended, The London Smile Clinic. Amazingly, my dentist Tim Bradstock-Smith, was able to correct a slight overbite in just three months with a retainer called an Inman Aligner. I had been very concerned about having my photos taken on the day but my new smile made me feel much more confident, which I hope shows in the pictures.

Photo Credit: Joanna Wilkinson

Also, I was having very regular trims at my hairdresser’s Lockonego on the King’s Road to ensure my hair was in the best possible condition, and on that note, I found the best way to keep hair healthy is regular conditioning treatments. I have now grown to love UNITE Moisturising Conditioner and stored my evil flat irons in the bottom of my cupboard – since I stopped using straightening irons my hair grows so much faster and is totally revitalised! Also, to stop heat-styling my hair in the lead-up to the wedding, I had a keratin smoothing treatment called Simply Smooth, which is new from the US and meant I didn’t need to do much to it after washing it – phew.

I had a great skin firming treatment called Pelleve before the wedding at Dr Rakus’ Knightsbridge clinic to ensure my skin looked good and it really glowed for the occasion. People said my skin looked so clear and bright, which was a miracle seeing how stressful the preamble to the wedding actually was.

The Day Before Brought Disasters

So, the day before the wedding, I had booked to have my legs waxed and a manicure and pedicure done and to be honest it was like a Carry-On movie. The beauty therapist finished waxing one of my legs then chucked me out because she had double-booked. Left in a blubbering half-smooth, half-stubbly mess I panicked and flitted around my area to find someone to help and thankfully a lovely lady in a tiny beauty salon beneath a busy hairdresser evened me out. That was fairy godmother number one!

Next I had booked to have my toes and fingernails done – at the same time – to save time so I was able to pack and head up to the wedding venue that same day, but alas that all went wrong too and left me in floods of pathetic bridezilla-tears. So, pedicure started, time was flying by and my manicure hadn’t been started yet when I realised I had run out of time and had to leave and neither hands nor feet were finished on time (believe me when I say that on an average day this would not have phased me in the slightest). I was mortified and all I could think of was to phone my lovely fiancé from outside the salon for a good cry. After a quick blub, to my surprise, he turned up at the door of the nail parlour and gave them a telling off, paid them a nominal amount and escorted me out – my knight in shining armour! We got home and Daniel booted up his laptop and proceeded to make me a nail appointment elsewhere – I was gobsmacked. I knew he was a thoughtful man but this took him to another level in my estimation. Ordinarily men don’t care about our beauty needs but it seems that when something is really important to you, it’ll be important to him too…[cue cheesy smile and sigh].

The BIG Beautiful Day

On the day, I blocked out two hours in total – for hair, done by Sophie Grant of Lockonego and makeup, which was done by a great friend of mine, Jackie Tyson, artist to the stars whom I have known for years. We had such a giggle, it was really fun and they helped keep the nerves and butterflies at bay with some good music, banter and bubbly.

To set off my very simple dress, my hair was a sort of modern take on a Grecian classic look and we added some diamante hair slides that matched my earrings for added glamour. Sophie used about 30 pins in my hair that day to keep it all in place but you would never have known and I couldn’t feel a single one. Jackie knows me well and so it was easy getting the makeup right – lots of eyes and toned-down lips and she followed me around with a lip gloss wand most of the day and night. I had smoky eyes and fab lashes from AH Francis, the lash gurus. My Cosmetics a la Carte custom-blended foundation was shade-perfect and lasted all day…I never want to wear anything else!

All in all, I felt like a princess.

My Beauteous Dress

Photo Credit: Joanna Wilkinson

I had been to about five stores all over London to look for a dress and I was so conscious that I would know ‘the one’ the moment I tried it on but after four stores I still hadn’t got that feeling yet. In fact, the staff in one of the stores on Chiltern Street was so abrupt, I left the shop crying and dived into the nearest one to find nothing short of an angel…Giedre at JS Couture on Blanford Street – www.jscouture.com. Honestly, from the moment I walked in I was treated like a star; she put me at ease and helped with styling advice and within 10 minutes I found THE dress! I know it is a terrible cliché but the moment I put it on I knew that this dress was the one I was going to have on the day. I absolutely love it, it is so me, and everyone kept saying how gorgeous it was on the day, which was lovely. I ordered in my size then came back a few months later to get the length right once I had chosen my shoes and then picked up the dress a week before the wedding day. It was a very easy process.

Photo Credit: Joanna Wilkinson

And Now, My Advice

  • Don’t opt for a hairstyle or makeup look that you wouldn’t normally wear or that you don’t feel confident about – it’ll only end in tears. Try everything out first, it’s too late on the day to switch foundations or to experiment with the spray tan. Be beauty-prepared!
  • Pre-book all your beauty appointments will in advance and phone up the day before each one to ensure they have got it confirmed and they get it right – otherwise that will end in tears too!

Love from London

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