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02-24-15 | Posted by

I love it when worlds collide! Tea and beauty products are two great loves of mine and as luck would have it, two of my very favorite brands, L’Occitane and Kusmi Tea joined forces for a special event in New York City in February.

Walking into a L’Occitane shop is always a pleasure. The sunny yellow signs and bright, cheerful decor are so welcoming and they all smell so wonderful too. The L’Occitane’s Flatiron Flagship and their Upper Eastside Flagship store at 180 East 86th Street warmed up guests up with the most delicious and inviting complimentary refreshments from Kusmi Tea’s pop-up bar. And it was a great chance to pick up some special treats, with options as covetable as these.


My favorite Best Sellers are the Almond Milk Concentrate ($49) for silky-smooth and nourished skin from your neck down, Divine Cream ($106) to help you rediscover your glowing complexion and Jasmin & Bergamote Eau de Toilette ($75), a fruity floral fragrance that feels like a sojourn to Italy.

Almond Milk Concentrate (Credit: L'occitane)

Almond Milk Concentrate (Credit: L’occitane)

Divine Creme: (Credit: L'occitane)

Divine Creme: (Credit: L’occitane)

Jasmin & Bergamote Eau De Toilette (Credit: L'occitane)

Jasmin & Bergamote Eau De Toilette (Credit: L’occitane)


Kusmi Tea’s not-so-humble existence began as the tea of the czars in 1867 in St. Petersburg before it found its new home in Paris. This ultra-chic company stocks green, black and white tea blends in loose tea tins as well as refills and muslin tea bag boxes.

I first experienced this brand a few months ago and it did not disappoint. Feeling thirsty I popped into the shop in The Plaza Food Hall, New York City’s go-to destination to shop, dine and sample the best of the best,and after getting my fill by sampling a few flavors, I left with a huge bag full of assorted teas–they were all so delicious that it was hard to pare it down to just a few…so I didn’t! Kusmi Tea is better than any tea I’ve ever tasted. Right now I’m absolutely hooked on Be Cool, a blend of plants, licorice and peppermint, Prince Vladimir, around since 1888 and made with Earl Grey black tea, citrus, vanilla and spices and Detox, a maté, green tea and lemongrass infusion.

Be Cool (Credit: Kusmi Tea)

Be Cool (Credit: Kusmi Tea)

Prince Vladimir (Credit: Kusmi Tea)

Prince Vladimir (Credit: Kusmi Tea)

Detox (Credit: Kusmi Tea)

Detox (Credit: Kusmi Tea)



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