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01-21-14 | Posted by

StraterisWe all know Living Proof, Inc. as an innovative, technology-based beauty company whose superb hair formulas have cut down on unmanageable frizz for zillions of women, and for having Jennifer Aniston and her glorious mane on board.

But Living Proof’s newest venture is even more exciting. They have developed a proprietary, cross-linking polymer film technology called StraterisTM, which can actually reshape the appearance of skin. Strateris was invented by an A-list team of researchers and clinicians at Living Proof led by Dr. Bob Langer, award-winning MIT Institute Professor; Dr Betty Yu, an expert in trans-dermal drug delivery; and world-renowned dermatologists and laser surgeons, Drs. Rox Anderson of Harvard University and Barbara Gilchrest of Boston University. This revolutionary technology has been in development for almost a decade.

Inspired by the attributes of youthful skin, they devised a breathable, flexible, and imperceptible film that can be worn all day to reshape the appearance of skin. Now, through a global venture with pharmaceutical powerhouse Valeant, we are looking forward to see what Straterisâ„¢ can do. This first application of Strateris technology will be to reduce the appearance of under-eye bags and smooth wrinkles caused by lax skin within one hour of application.

Watch this space for future breakthroughs using this ground-breaking technology exclusively from your dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Valeant and Living Proof plan to launch the first product to leverage the Strateris platform technology at the March 2014 American Academy of Dermatology conference.

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