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Posted by 04.03.09


LOTHANIQUE LIQUID SOAP – It may seem a little weird to have a liquid hand soap on a beauty review page.  The reason I have put a review on here is that this stuff is fantastic, and it will save you from having to use hand cream incessantly throughout the day.  I have this liquid hand soap in every bathroom in my house, as well as in the kitchen.  There is never any residue from the soap, and your hands are never stripped after using it.  While many products claim this (this is sort of like claiming that thongs are just as comfortable as other underwear), this liquid soap is a really great lifesaver if you hate the feeling of having dry hands.

FINAL VERDICT – GGI (GOTTA GET IT) – If you are a fanatic about having nice, soft hands, try this soap.  It also makes a great, luxurious hostess gift. The reason I have rated it GGI is that despite it being super super expensive – $25 for a bottle 16 oz bottle – you can buy a “non pump” refill bottle for the same price that is 32 oz.  So I have the nice bottles already, which I just refill.

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  1. MWC Says:

    Leave it to GWG to find the perfect hand soap. I have to be honest, this is one of those things I rarely pay attention to, except in the powder rooms of 4-star restaurants where it always seem they have the best liquid soap. But after reading this, maybe I should!

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