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Posted by 12.11.09


PHOTO CREDIT: yestocarrots.com

PHOTO CREDIT: yestocarrots.com

Hanukkah is the festival of light, but it is also a celebration of oil, so it’s only fitting to kick off our eight nights of lip stuff we love with organics that make great use of natural oils to keep puckers supple and healthy.  Waxy is fine for the candles on my menorah, but for my lips I want good slip, great texture and lasting moisture.

Tela Beauty Organics Anti Age Lip Balm is hands down the best balm I have used in recent memory.  Its green-on-green packaging boasts the USDA Organic seal, and that little pot holds a remarkable blend of organic ingredients including olive oil, beeswax, shea butter, sweet almond, acai and rose hips oils, red sage, sprouted soy and burdock.  It was good enough for me to chase after my husband, product in hand saying, “you gotta try this!”  The results are immediate and enduring.  At $12 a pot, it’s a little spendy but worth every penny.

For green beauty on a budget, Yes To Carrots has rewritten the playbook, and their organic C Me Smile Lip Butter comes in a yummy variety of scents including Carrot, Berry, Citrus, Mint and Melon, the last being my personal favorite.  These all natural, cruelty-free, paraben, petroleum and pthalate-free Lip Butters use coconut and olive oils to moisturize and vitamin E to protect against environmental bad guys.  At $3.69 a tube you never need to go without.

Going organic can be tricky when you or a loved one has a nut allergy.  This hadn’t even occurred to me until my friend Alicia mentioned that she needed a lip balm that would allow her to kiss her daughter who has a severe tree nut allergy.  In addition to almond oil, shea butter can trigger allergies and it is a mainstay in most of these products.  One safe exception is Badger Balm.  Available in sticks or tins in tons of delicious flavors including Pink Grapefruit, Ginger & Lemon and Tangerine Breeze, these run about $3 a pop.  Each flavor has different ingredients working off of the Unscented ingredients which are listed as follows: Pure & Simple. Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Golden Yellow Beeswax, Castor Bean Oil and nothing else.  If you’re looking to keep it natural and safe then Badger Balm is your best bet.

If I only ever got great lip products for Hanukkah then I would be a happy camper.  They make great stocking stuffers too!  I’ll be posting about all different kinds of lip stuff in the coming week, so stay tuned.  Happy Holidays!

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