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10-26-10 | Posted by


Merging Eastern Technique with Western Technology, the Ling Treatment Works to Erase Signs of Time.

Facials, practically by definition, are always uplifting. Getting massaged, toned and pampered always raises my spirits. But I’ve recently received a series of treatments that not only lifted my morale but also my skin. I’m talking about the Do Not Age Face Lift offered by Ling Chan, the founder of Ling Skin Care, a New York based facial spa with two locations and an eponymous skin care line sold nationwide.

“I call this the East-Meets-West Do Not Age Face Lift,” said Ling. “It combines Eastern techniques with Western technologies.” The treatment involves electrical micro-current applied at traditional Chinese acupressure points.

Micro-current, sounds painful, no? Well, you can safely erase all images of shock treatment from your mind. For 95% of the Do Not Age Face Lift, the micro-current relayed no sensation at all; on occasion I felt a feeling akin to a small pin prick.

In preparation of the micro-current, Ling applies two separate masks. The first is an oxygen mask with vitamin C and the second is a ginseng mask for hydration. With two prongs in hand, Ling begins the micro-current treatment, applying pressure at traditional acupressure points such as the temples, sinuses and forehead.

“My goal is to increase energy flow and circulation,” said Ling. The micro-current machine originated as a means to reeducate muscles, which is a rather time-consuming process. “Combining the micro-current with acupressure techniques, speeds up the effects,” Ling said. Plus, she explained acupressure can be used for face lifts and is reportedly very popular in Hollywood.

The results of the Do Not Age Face Lift are surprising. With each successive treatment, my face seemed smoother, tighter and more energized. A complementary product, Do Not Age ($95) moisturizing cream continues the benefits at home. In fact, Ling prescribed an entire at-home treatment for me, based on her five steps of skin care maintenance. My lineup features a star product – the miraculous Replenishing Hydrator ($38) – rich in hyaluronic acid, it is a magical tissue hydrator that leaves my skin looking dewy, fresh and resilient.  

As for the Do Not Age Face Lift, the entire procedure takes only 30 minutes and costs a reasonable $125. For best results, Ling recommends a series of six to 12 treatments.

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