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04-11-10 | Posted by

Meet the Skin Savior

Linda Lowndes is the mother of  a skin simulation technology that takes a huge leap beyond cover-up make-up, previously the go-to method of concealing or camouflaging skin conditions. She recognized that more severe conditions like vitiligo, birthmarks, burns, eczema, lupus and keloid scarring could not be managed properly using the traditional methods, which did not provide sufficient or lasting coverage. Microskinâ„¢ offers color correction that is individually formulated for each client, so it’s almost like second skin. Microskin is also committed to medical research, and has funded studies to address the psychological effects of using Microskin to address burns and other disfiguring skin conditions, as well as how impacted children can overcome  social stigma. “I believe the most important thing that Microskin can offer is to give an individual the opportunity to go about their daily activities without feeling self conscious about their appearance and how they are perceived,” says Linda. “Microskin increases self confidence and the ability to just ‘blend in.'” This, in a nutshell, is skincare with soul.


What is the story behind Microskin?

I spent many years in the film industry doing makeup and technical design for feature films such as Lord of the Rings, Narnia, and Peter Pan, just to name a few.  I was touched by the true story of a boy condemned to a life of confinement indoors due to a condition that affected his skin pigment.  I was deeply moved and found myself pondering how I could help people with incurable skin conditions.  This to date would be one of the hardest challenges of my life.

Which conditions did you have in mind when you created Microskin? Can Microskin be used for more moderate skin conditions?

Birthmarks at first, and then I realized Microskin could be applied for other conditions such as burn scars and vitiligo.  As time passed, I realized there were many skin conditions I could treat; people would turn up at the clinic looking for help with conditions such as rosacea, pigmentation, spider veins, melasma, and the list goes on.

How does Microskin work like “Simulated Second Skin?”

Let me take you through the Microskin procedure.

Firstly the patient makes a call to one of our friendly staff members who then explains how the Microskin process works.  They will also ask the person what skin condition they have, how extensive it is, and what part of the body it is on.

Once we have established the person’s needs, we allocate a time for them to come in to have a trial of Microskin applied to a small area for them to see how it looks and feels on their skin.  They will get an idea of how long Microskin will last on their skin.  We advise them to trial it for the first few days and when they feel comfortable, they can book an appointment to go ahead with the procedure.  The type of skin condition and size of the area being treated will determine whether the 2 day course or the 2 hour sponge application training (small areas) is required.

Our fully trained consultants teach the individual how to use the system and how to apply their Microskin either with an airbrush or sponge.

Microskin is a revolutionary new spray-on simulated second skin that uses advanced technology to individually formulate a color correction.  This is customized for each patient’s skin color and condition.  Microskin is a light liquidized application suitable for all genders and skin types. This includes pigment alteration and sun sensitive skin conditions.  Unlike a cream or makeup, it won’t rub off on clothing or linens.  It is also flexible, waterproof and allows the skin to breathe naturally.

Some of the main features and benefits of Microskin are:

  • Microskin can aid any condition where there is an alteration in skin colour or for sun sensitive skin conditions.
  • Microskin is a liquidised simulated skin that binds to the epidermis.  It feels and looks like human skin.
  • It is waterproof, flexible, it can breathe and is easy to be removed.  Microskin does not have a thick make-up feeling or appearance.

How long will Microskin last?

Depending on the skin condition and where it is located on the body, Microskin can last from 1 day up  to 3-4 days.  Very experienced Microskin users can get a maximum of 1 week, with re-touching of areas such as fingers, hands and joints (where friction may occur).  It also depends on the type of skin each person has and what their day to day activities are.  Until the person becomes experienced in the application of Microskin,  it might only last a day or two.  We live by the rule: practice makes perfect (and a longer lasting application).  Just have fun, swim, go to the gym and live life to the fullest.

What is the science behind the formulation?

I have spent many years studying and researching to develop the science behind the system.  I have personally reviewed most skin conditions and spent the better part of two decades filling in the blanks.  It has been my personal innovation and invention that has gotten Microskin where it is today.

How does this product differ from traditional airbrushing?

If  Microskin was sprayed on using a general airbrushing technique, it would not adhere to the epidermal layer. This results in it falling off the skin.  One must attend our training program to gain total understanding of  how the system works.  Microskin prides itself on training a person to be self- sufficient and to be able to apply their Microskin so it is undetectable to the eye.

You mentioned at a recent press event that Australia was the perfect testing ground for the endurance of the product. Tell us about how the product goes on, and how it stands up to varying lifestyles and climates?

I felt that an extreme climate would be a true test of  Microskin’s endurance. Microskin has also been tested for water stability and various other sunscreen testing.  Although we do not claim to  have SPF, there are many benefits to wearing Microskin with regard to the enviornment.  It was in Australia’s intense heat and humidity that Microskin was invented and truly tested.  I strongly feel that Microskin can withstand anything.

You must have many moving stories to share.

Every day Microskin has a success story.  The list is long.  I can’t begin to tell you the letters that we receive from our patients on how their lives have changed since they have been using the Microskin system.  Things that we take for granted, such as meeting a partner for the first time, wearing a pair of swimmers, going to university or college or even getting married. [Here is an excerpt from a letter written by a Microskin customer]: “Anyone reading this or considering Microskin as an option….please do!!!  Yet be prepared as it is not an easy road to navigate but the rewards at the end can not be put on paper.  Please do not expect a miracle (there is not one) but Microskin is the next best thing.”

Where is Microskin available Stateside?

317 East 34 Street, 2nd floor, New York, NY 10016. You may call (212) 779-4000 to inquire.

Are you a mom?

Yes, I have two beautiful boys: a 10 year old and 15 year old. I also have a husband, and to top it off,  a male dog.  I am the only female around the house and thank god they all help.  I don’t have any outside help such as a nanny or housekeepers.  As my little boy would say, “Team work makes the dream work.”  We all help with the work  load at home.  My children even come up to the clinic and help me out; they are such good boys.

What’s your favourite bag?

A bagful of Microskin to give away to a child in need, and my second wish would be a Prada handbag.

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