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Posted by 02.15.09


DDF ULTRA LITE OIL FREE MOISTURIZING DEW SPF15 – This is the perfect moisturizer. It is light enough even for acne prone skin which is really who it is designed for. You can also use it in humid climates or in summer instead of heavier creams that will clog pores. It goes on nicely and is quickly absorbed.  It has SPF15, which is an added bonus, so you can save by not having to use sunscreen on most days.  The pump is easy to use too.

FINAL VERDICT – GGI (Gotta Get It) – If you’re on a budget like everyone these days, this is worth the $40 to save you from impromptu blemishes.


  1. betteboop Says:

    Hey, I LOVE this moisturizer. It’s the only thing that doesnt make my skin break out, so I don’t agree. It’s worth $40 bucks to me – and you can get it cheaper online at some stores, like http://www.skinstore.com and other discounters.

  2. TWA Says:

    this is the best moisturizer ive ever used! i put some on right after i get out of the shower to lock in the mouisture, and it never makes me break out


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