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Posted by 12.23.09


Source: Orlane


Orlane Paris Absolute Radiance Lightbox – I have had this wonderful little DIY kit sitting on my desk for a few months and finally had the chance to indulge myself! It contains six full eye and face treatments to target dry, dehydrated, basically old looking skin in need of resurrection. It is as close as you can get to a European cabine facial treatment without ever leaving your bathroom! The Dazzling Eyes Ritual consists of Eye Contour Serum plus Under-Eye Patches.  The patches have a cooling and moisturizing effect and feel lovely.  For the face, the  Shimmering Skin Masque  Cream is followed by the Absolute Radiance Evanescent Cream.  You mix the powder into the cream for each luxurious masque application yourself. If you are quick and follow directions to the letter, you can be renewed and refreshed in 7 minutes or so. It took me around twice that time because I was savoring the experience…

FINAL VERDICT: Gotta Get It (GGI) – Clever spa like concept, travel friendly luxury, love the packaging, and it was fun to use! At $200 at Neiman Marcus and Bloomies, it’s a real treat for your face.

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