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07-15-14 | Posted by

True or false: women in their 40s like the way they look? The BITB team votes for a resounding “True,” noting that women in their 40s know who they are and possess the type of confidence that makes them strong, beautiful, and often in the best shape of their lives.

The challenge is staying that way. Enter the new Lierac Magnificence skin care line. Formulated to fight wrinkles, loss of firmness, and lack of radiance, the four-product collection has been created specifically for women in their 40s, and targets a process called glycoxidation.

Glycoxidation is a combination of two biological processes: glycation and oxidation. Part of natural aging, glycation occurs when sugarsbuild up in the body and basically paralyze certain proteins. This leads to the creation of Advanced Glycation End-Products (AGEs), which slow down the metabolism of skin cells and ultimately cause skin to loose its elasticity. Combine that with oxidation, the bombardment of free radicals, and skin loses its support structure, wrinkles appear, and skin becomes less firm and radiant..

Magnifience targets glycoxidation with the patented D-Glyox complex, which comprises three key ingredients: pomegranate flower, silk tree and liposome peptide. Together they help reduce the appearance of visible signs of aging by encouraging the elimination of glycated proteins and AGEs.

The Magnificence range includes:

Red Serum Intensive Revitalizing Treatment ($86): Actually red in color, this concentrated serum adds hibiscus flower to the D-Glyox complex for a pore refining effect.

Day & Night Cream for Dry Skin ($78): A daily anti-aging treatment that is formulated with shea butter, marula oil, and D-Glyox.

Day & Night Gel for Normal to Combination Skin ($78): D-Glyox complex in a cream-gel texture that instantly mattifies oilhy-prone skin.

Precision Eye Care ($49): 7% D-Glyox, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins C and E work to diminish lines, puffiness, and dark circles.

Clinical studies show that after four weeks use of the Serum and Day & Night Cream, subjects showed a 40% reduction in wrinkles and 33% improvement in firmness.

Sugar—not so wonderful for the hips, and now we know not so wonderful for the skin.


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