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06-27-17 | Posted by

If you’re going to wear stars and stripes, there’s not a better day than the 4th of July to do so. But, even if you’re sticking with something pattern-free — say head-to-toe summer whites, jeans and a red, white or blue tee or a statement making red halter dress you’ll need the perfect makeup to complete your look. When it comes to red, white and blue makeup, you will never go wrong with bronzed skin, a red lip and graphic navy or white eye makeup.

I love this patriotic look on this extra-special day, but the truth is this is a makeup look that works any other day as well. To make it modern, strategically apply concealer only where needed and dust the bronzer onto clean skin before adding your liner sans eyeshadow or mascara. Then, just finish with a swipe of your lipstick and you are good to go.

BRONZER: Add a little life and a kissed-by-the-sun radiance to your complexion with a powdered bronzer, the easiest way to wake up your skin. Opt for one that’s just a shade or two deeper than your skin tone and not too shimmery for the most natural lit-from-within glow.

Nars Sun Wash Diffusing Bronzer ($40) comes in 4 matte, soft-focus shades that are formulated to blur imperfections and add radiance. It’s translucent and goes on super silky. You can wear it where the sun hits for natural looking color, layer it for a deeper glow, or sweep it under your cheekbones, and along your hairline and jawbone for subtle contouring.


LINER: Experiment a bit and up your liner game with the classic cat-eye or a fun graphic of your own making.

Kat Von D Ink Liners in Neruda or Nerdrum ($20) couldn’t be easier to use. Thanks to the felt-tip pen delivery system, you have total control to create whatever look you’re jonesing for. You’ll also like the intense color payoff as well as the fade and run-resistant finish. These pens are available in two blue shades, plus white, black, and many more color options.

LIPSTICK: Apply it as a subtle stain, go all-out in a proud loud red and top it with a gloss, or opt for something in between. No matter which way you go, a red lip makes a statement.

Bésame Classic Color Lipstick in Bésame Red 1920 ($22) is a true blue-based red in a satin-meets-matte stay-put finish. The angled design of the lipstick makes it easy for you to first line and then fill in your lips, and the nourishing formula rich in macadamia oil, vitamin C and aloe, will keep your lips healthy and hydrated. This particular shade is about as “All-American” as it gets but if a true red isn’t your style, the line also includes a selection of many other in-the-red-family lipsticks.



NOTE: The Nars Sun Wash Diffusing Bronzer, Kat Von D Ink Liners and Bésame Classic Color Lipstick were tested in store. Opinions are my own.



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