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03-10-11 | Posted by

Photo Credit: Sheer Cover

There’s nothing new about celebrities partnering with beauty brands – think Jennifer Lopez, Natalie Portman, Charlize Theron, Halle Berry the list goes on and on. But what about a former television journalist and show host that created a trailblazing mineral makeup line? Now that’s something to take notice of.

In the early 2000s, Leeza Gibbons, former Entertainment Tonight host and star of her own talk show, launched Sheer Cover, a 100% natural mineral makeup that features healing antioxidants, soothing botanicals and natural sun protection.

“As important as what’s in Sheer Cover products, is really what’s not in them,” said Ms. Gibbons at a recent press presentation in New York City. “The products contain no talcs, no binders, no oils and no fillers.”

Known for its ability to cover serious skin flaws like birthmarks and scars, Sheer Cover has one of the best concealers on the market, which is available in four shades. The focus of the line has been to meet the challenge of creating a flawless complexion in just seconds.

As part of a brand re-launch, Sheer Cover support its offering for lips, cheeks and eyes with the Sophisticate Face Palette ($44.95). The palette features a blush in Ginger, eyeshadows in Sable, Pebble, Charcoal and Mauve and lip gloss in Caramel Ice and Ballerina. According to Leeza, the palette has everything you need to complete a sophisticated look.

Sold through HSN, Sheer Cover can also be purchased at www.sheercover.com or by calling 800.506.6281.

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