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Meet the Color Cosmetics Creator.


The creator of signature products such as Spackle and Caulk, Laura Geller knew at an early age that her future would be in makeup. Prior to starting her career as a sought after theater and television makeup artist, she would offer to work for free at cosmetics counters just to be near the products. Today, she heads her own eponymous color cosmetics line that is sold at Macy’s, Sephora and Ulta, the Laura Geller Makeup Studios in New York City, as well as broadcast and online retailer QVC and LauraGeller.com. Her “best friend” persona and ability to connect with viewers has lead to incredible success and a cult following for Laura Geller Makeup.

How did your career as a makeup artist begin?

I started right out of high school and enrolled in a beauty school to get my license.  Afterward I worked in the theater applying theatrical makeup, which was an amazing experience!

How did you make the leap from makeup artist to brand developer?

When QVC wanted to distribute my brand on a larger scale, I had the opportunity to explore and innovate to create products that were missing from the market. I got to jump in and really get my hands dirty, which I absolutely loved. Now I oversee all of the stages of product development—it’s exciting because there is always more innovation to take advantage of.

Do you have a makeup philosophy?

Makeup should be empowering! You don’t need to subscribe to trends to look fabulous, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a size 2 or 22, you can always accessorize yourself through beauty and make yourself feel great.

What is the history behind your Baked products? How did you develop the concept?

I discovered Baked products at a trade show where I found what is now Bronze-N-Brighten at a manufacturer from Italy and fell in love. Later when QVC asked me to expand, I asked myself, “what do I use and love?” and I went back to the baked palette from the trade show. I did some investigating and found out the many benefits of baked products—they are all handmade, not machine pressed, which allows the products to keep their integrity—and they color correct to work with all skin types and tones. I love that in addition to color correction, I can play with ingredients and add vitamins and other good-for-the-skin ingredients to give the products a little something extra. Since Bronze-N-Brighten, I’ve expanded the line and now we have Baked products in practically all the cosmetic categories: blush, foundation, shadow, liner, lip. It’s truly the core of the Laura Geller brand.

What are some of the most common makeup questions and concerns of your clients and QVC customers?

I hear so many great consumer questions, but the most common ones I receive have to do with cosmetic fundamentals—complexion products (foundation, concealer and blush)—the products you use everyday and are willing to spend more on. Women will investigate and explore for these types of products over lipstick or eyeshadow, which is less of a commitment. Women are always on the hunt for the best concealer and foundation. They want the most coverage without looking like they are wearing a lot of makeup. I also receive many questions about blush—what colors look best on sallow skin? How can I tell what blush to use and where to apply it?

What’s the most fun aspect of being on QVC?

I love being in front of an audience where I can reach so many thousands of people at one time. And I love being able to educate women and help them solve the mysteries of makeup.

What’s in your bag?

At any given time, I always have Laura Geller Shimmer Down (I never want to look shiny), concealer (you never know what will happen during the day), a variety of lipsticks and glosses (for a variety of moods) and Laura Geller I-Care Eyeliner in black.

What’s your favorite bag?

Right now I’m loving my Maxx handbags (available on QVC).

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