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I am now half way into my second precious vial of Latisse and I have to admit I AM HOOKED! My lashes are the longest and darkest they have ever been, and a few coats of amazing mascara adds the finishing touch. I alternate between Estee Lauder TurboLash and Estee Lauder Lash XL. After applying mascara, I have actually had to reposition my sunglasses on occasion because my lashes were hitting up against the lenses!

Despite the nuisance of using it every single day, the Latisse exercise has forced me to be more diligent about removing my eye makeup thoroughly at night. I do find it to be somewhat irritating so I have had to skip a day here and there. I cannot be sure, however, that the slight redness is due to Latisse or brought on by sleep deprivation and it is intermittent and not problematic. It certainly did not deter me from using it!

To avoid getting it on my lower eyelid skin and prevent any potential skin darkening (which can happen if you are not careful), I apply a light coating of Aquaphor Healing Ointment which prevents drips from penetrating the skin. You can also use Vaseline – or anything that coats the skin. In the alternative, you can just carefully blot away any excess using a cotton swab dipped in warm water. Don’t use a cotton pad because you will be essentially rubbing it into your skin instead of removing it.  Just by applying it to your upper eyelid lashes can also cause some seepage to your lower lids, so protecting the skin around the eyes is a good precaution. If you see any signs of hyperpigmentation, consult your prescribing physician ASAP, as it could be long term or permanent.

About those 3 inch plastic applicators that look like the paint brushes from a toddler’s art set that everyone hates, I found an easy solution. Try a natural hair (pony or other) eyeliner brush, either straight or slanted. If you need more precision, slanted may be best for you. It will help deposit the Latisse directly where you want it to go – right at your lash line – without any waste. Most importantly, you MUST wash the brush thoroughly in between uses and let it dry to avoid diluting the Latisse solution.  To follow the Allergan Latisse protocol to the letter, you can use two brushes and label each for your RIGHT and LEFT eye, so as not to spread potential bacteria from one eye to the other.

Best Latisse Brushes

  • Benefit Get Bent
  • Bare Escentuals Slanted Liner Brush
  • Laura Mercier Fine Point Eyeliner Brush
  • Sephora Professionnel Platinum Angled Eyeliner Brush
  • Nars Liquid Eyeliner Brush  

Don’t It Make Your Blue Eyes Brown?

My eyes are hazel (brown/green), so I am not stressed about the possibility of an eye color change. However, if you have light blue or green eyes that are your signature feature, you might think twice about taking the plunge. Although it is not common, it can happen in rare instances, and the change can be permanent. It can also change the color of just one eye, or both eyes to different degrees. Ask you doctor if you are at risk.

What Price Beauty?

Fortunately, Allergan is now offering $10 coupons for Latisse and some doctor’s offices are taking up to $20 off the list price (which is $120 for a one month supply).  We found offers online through clinics for $200 for 2 vials. If you shop around, you can get a good deal. As you will need to use Latisse indefinitely to maintain the effects, hopefully the price will come down in the near future to make it more affordable for everyone.

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  1. emmababe Says:

    ok, so now Im impressed. $120 is pretty steep but it sounds amazing! thanks for sharing

  2. beautylovingmom Says:

    what a neat idea! I didnt think you could use a makeup brush for Latisse, but it makes perfect sense. never tried the angled brushes but they sound perfect

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