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11-01-10 | Posted by


Photo Credit: LashDip

The first time I heard about LashDip, a semi-permanent mascara that lasts up to six weeks, I mentally filed it under “too good to be true.”  Then the buzz started building here in Chicago, where Jessica Harley and Gina Mondragon created LashDip, and my curiosity was piqued.  When presented with the opportunity to get LashDipped by Jessica I pounced.  I’ve never had anything done to my lashes and was a little tweaked about someone playing around near my eyeballs, but Jessica worked with a incredibly gentle and expert touch as she talked me through every step of the process, cleaning and conditioning my lashes before applying and sealing the LashDip.  

LashDip is exceptional in many regards.  Technicians trained in the product and technique can customize the look to the client’s taste, whether she wants a soft, natural look or drama and high impact.  As far as I’m concerned, the single greatest thing about LashDip is the bottom lashes.  I’m so useless with a mascara wand that I don’t even bother trying to put it on my bottom lashes, but in one shot Jessica did mine to perfection and that’s exactly how they stayed until I had it removed.  It is nothing short of amazing to wake up with flawless lashes and go about your day’s business.  With a full face of makeup or otherwise barefaced, LashDip lets you get up and go looking well rested, pulled together and beautiful.  As a mom to a toddler and 16 week old twins, people expect me to look exhausted, but LashDip produces an incredible eye opening effect that left me looking deceptively energized.

My sensitive eyes were fine with LashDip and the results were beautiful and enduring.  Around the halfway mark it’s important to go in for a LashRefresh, to have any outgrowth addressed and the lash line cleaned up.  When six weeks are up clients can opt to go undipped or have LashDip reapplied.  Jessica told me that it would feel like I was sleeping in my mascara, but I quickly adapted to the sensation and it didn’t bother me at all.  I was also cautioned against excessive eye rubbing (which is bad news regardless).  LashDip can be used in conjunction with extensions and lash growth enhancers like Latisse, and it doesn’t alter the look or condition of your lashes once removed.

When you think about it, it’s pretty mind blowing.  LashDip is the perfect application of mascara with no flaking or smudging.  You can shower, workout, swim, whatever.  It’s the ideal solution for women who wear mascara on a daily basis but struggle to achieve the look that they want, and I’m sure that it will be a huge hit with brides whose lashes will be able to withstand tearful ceremonies and island honeymoons.  Fair haired women often get their lashes dyed, but with LashDip they will get the lengthening and volumizing effect of mascara along with the color.  It’s easy to see why LashDip is rapidly developing a cult following and it is bound to boom as Jessica and Gina continue to educate technicians in the method.

Visit the site to find someone near you and if it isn’t in your neck of the woods yet then drop a hint with your esthetician.  This is one time-saving treatment that delivers phenomenal results and is destined to be a true game changer. The fee for the initial appointment ranges from $150 – 250 (without lash extensions) including a refresh appointment, depending on your city and the LashDip salon you select.

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