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02-22-09 | Posted by


I have large pores all around my nose area. How can I make them look smaller?


Everyone has larger pores around the nose because skin has more oil-producing sebaceous glands in the center panel of the face than on the sides or around the eyes. On the face, upper chest and upper back, the oil glands are larger and open directly onto the skin surface, unlike elsewhere on the body, where the oil glands open into a hair follicle, and are smaller. The size of the ‘pores’ on the skin is directly proportional to how much oil is being produced by the underlying sebaceous gland. Consequently, because the center panel of the face has the largest size and number of these glands, the openings of them appear larger. To diminish the size of the pores on your nose, keep them clear of any clogging debris that is making them look like they are them ‘open.’ Small blackheads can be manually removed (GO GENTLY) and an anti-bacterial lotion applied. Keep the pores free of debris by using clay-based cleansers, masques, and oil-controlling products to absorb surface oils. Vitamin A based formulas like retinol can unplug dead cells and cause the skin to swell slightly, making pores appear smaller and tighter.


  1. emmababe Says:

    I just squeeze ’em…but they always come back! bummer

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