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Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream ($300) and Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil ($300)

There are all sorts of amazing life forms on the planet—coral, kangaroos, neon colored fish—and plants that thrive in freezing cold, arctic like climates. La Prairie turns to the survival ability of these plants for its newest skincare collection: Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream ($300) and Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil ($300). The duo works to prevent signs of aging with the same vigor that these plants use to flourish in a harsh world of ice, snow, and relentless sun.

Like these hardy plants, our skin faces harsh environmental challenges everyday—extreme weather, pollution, stress, lack of sleep, and unprecedented travel—all of which contribute to accelerated aging. “The world in which we live actually ages our skin faster than time itself,” says Elizabeth Lamont, vice president, marketing for North America/Oceania at La Prairie.

Keeping with the Swiss heritage of La Prairie, the three plants at the basis of this new collection come from the Swiss Alps. Purple Saxifrage grows just below the summit of the ice-covered Dom, one of the highest mountains in Switzerland and recognized by botanists as THE coldest place on earth to support a flowering plant. Soldanella Alpina lives on the lower slopes of mountains in central Switzerland. It lays dormant through the prolonged “ice age” like winter of the Alps and actually melts the snow to emerge as a bell-shaped flower in spring. Swiss snow algae rest beneath the snow layer in winter and emerge as a red blanket on the snow’s surface in summer.

“Think of it as your way to put aging on ice,” says Lamont of this triple threat of ingredients. Together the combo helps your outwit environmental bombardment by supporting skin stem cells and skin renewal, fighting free radicals, strengthening the skin’s defense system, and protecting cellular DNA.

The Ice Crystal Dry Oil is the collection’s big surprise. It goes on smoothly, absorbs immediately, and feels like a drop of heaven on the skin. Apply it to face, neck, and décolleté under your moisturizer in the morning and evening. Alternately, the oil can be mixed into a moisturizer for enhanced protection. “It’s incredibly effective in strengthening the skin’s natural moisture barrier while also soothing and nurturing the skin,” says Dr. Daniel Stangle, director of innovation at La Prairie.

Swiss Ice Crystal Cream is a daily moisturizer that also can serve as a “recovery cream” after an aesthetic treatment. If you are a serum user, apply the serum first, then the cream, which is formulated for morning and evening use. In addition to the plant complex, the cream contains hyaluronic acid for hydration, shea butter, and light reflecting agents for radiance.

Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream and Dry Oil create a new category for La Prairie—age defying revitalizers. As with all La Prairie products the presentation is elegant and the products luxurious to feel, smell, and use. Preventative rather than age reversing, this duo is probably best for someone in their 30s, but anyone looking for a luxurious treat would enjoy the experience.

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