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05-06-13 | Posted by

Soleil de la Mer, the first sun care line from La Mer is bound to be ultra reparative and moisturizing, and I could not wait to try it before summer sets in. The collection includes everything you need to protect your skin while in the sun, and also to get a safe fake tan, including SPF 30 face lotion, SPF 30 body lotion, self-tanning lotion, and SPF 18 tinted fluid. Like all La Mer treatments, this line builds on the brand’s heritage. To boost the power of La Mer’s famous Miracle Broth, which was invented by creator Max Huber to heal serious skin burns, the sun range turns to algae to give it the nourishment and deep care needed for in-sun and post-sun skin repair.

Golden Algae Ferment is the star ingredient of the Soleil de la Mer products, and the idea behind this is to repair skin after time spent in the sun. The ferment is created with Laminaria Ochroleuca ( the official name for  Golden Algae) as well as marine peptides and a blend of sea botanicals in a nod to Huber’s deep love of the ocean and its reparative properties. This type of algae is not your every day seaweed; it  is found off  France’s Brittany coast, and has the amazing characteristic of thriving in harsh conditions including intense sun and salty waters. By harnessing the resiliency of this ingredient, the Soleil de la Mer collection gives you not only sun protection, but anti-aging skin benefits as well, with the goal of reducing irritation, preventing moisture loss, and balancing pH.

Golden Algae actually works during and after UV exposure—think of it as an active ingredient triggered by sunlight exposure. In addition to providing protection powers, it is also a fabulous anti-aging ingredient and works to diminish fine lines and increase collagen production, which is a fab bonus in an SPF. La Mer has also infused the Soleil formulations with a blend of sea botanicals including red algae, and Restorative Waters, a mixture of leafy brown algae,  lime tea extract, and other anti-oxidants including vitamin E.

How It Worked

For this review, I tried the Reparative Face Sun Lotion SPF 30 ($120). La Mer typically never disappoints and I loved the creamy texture of the lotion, and also its subtle fragrance, which is crisp and rich without being cloying. It goes on very easily, and sinks into the skin in an instant, with little rubbing. But as with any SPF, you need to massage it in gently. Use on the neck and ears, it has a cooling  effect. The instant hydration and boost of moisture was hard not to notice, and it wore well throughout the day, including the peak hours in the punishing sun. Other products in the line include the Reparative Body Sun Lotion SPF 30 ($85), Face and Body Gradual Tan ($85), and SPF 18 Fluid Tint Broad Spectrum .

What I absolutely love about this line is the commitment to La Mer’s original standards, along with the generous anti-aging benefits. There are so many sunscreens available on the market today, in all sorts of strengths and application vehicles. While the aerosol spray option is very popular, many dermatologists still believe there is nothing like a lotion, especially for the face.

Few sunscreens provide the hydration level that Soleil de la Mer gives you, and for this and this alone it’s worth purchasing, and the anti-aging benefits are a superb bonus.


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