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09-05-13 | Posted by

What do you get when a classy handbag designer partners with a classy beauty line? Why, a treatment-filled clutch, of course!

Kooba for AHAVA Limited Edition (exclusively at Nordstrom; $45) is the stuff dreams are made of: the cream and brown snakeskin print complements the AHAVA color scheme for starters, but that’s not all. The three full- and travel-size products you get inside the clutch (body exfoliator, body lotion, and hand cream) are items you’ll want for long-distance travel or a stylish weekend jaunt, and they all fit neatly into this clutch.

The three AHAVA products in the clutch are best sellers and include: full-size Mineral Body Exfoliator, travel -size Mineral Body Lotion, and travel size Mineral Hand Cream. The exfoliator is extremely gentle and is my personal favorite. Mild exfoliation is provided by minuscule pink beads, making this product perfect  for truly sensitive skin types. An added benefit is that it’s also  moisturizing as like all AHAVA products it is formulated with ultra hydrating Dead Sea Water. This product alone is worth $22, so at $45 you can see that the clutch is a great deal.

The travel-size Mineral Body Lotion and Hand Cream will take care of your body moisturizing needs while on the road. In addition  to Dead Sea Water, the body lotion contains aloe vera for natural hydration and witch hazel for soothing protection.

For only $45 you’re getting three products that are ready to use in a handy clutch that you can keep forever. We’ve seen a lot of beauty partnerships (Estee Lauder/Opening Ceremony; Christian Siriano/Sebastian Professional etc.) and this is definitely a great find, especially just in time for Fashion Week.

Kooba for AHAVA Partnership

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