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Posted by 06.02.09


KOH GEN DO – We’re giving a warm welcome to this newcomer from Japan, an innovative makeup brand that is sure to make heads turn. Koh Gen Do began in 1986 in Japan. Professional high definition makeup – primers and foundation for flawless complexions, especially the MAIFANCHI MOISTURE FOUNDATION. Comes in two sizes – the 10g is great for travel and to throw in your makeup bag; 25g is for serious users or makeup artists. The bright red and black tube contains a smooth creamy color makeup that offers terrific coverage for all skin types.  You only need a few drops of this secret weapon from the land of the rising sun to get the job done, and it contains titanium for protection and shea butter to seal in moisture. Other products in the range include fine powders, cheek colors, and a splendid oriental plant based skin care series that is derived from the 5 elements of the Tao Wheel. Everything about this range is elegant, precise and high tech. 

FINAL VERDICT – GGI (GOTTA GET IT) – Only downside is that it comes in 3 shades – pale ivory, natural, ochre – so it won’t suit every skin but you can mix them to get close to your natural tone. Reasonably priced at $28 for a small tube and it lasts well. Visit for their stores in LA, Hollywood and NY and of course their flagship location in Tokyo, www.kohgendocosmetics.com

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